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Speakers Spotlight - Jeanne Harold - Utah Foot Zone & Holistic Health Conference
Jeanne Harold

Jeanne Harold

Health Products Plus

Advances in the Zone Technique

by Jeanne Harold

Zoning and our common goal. How to make others feel comfortable despite your lack of knowledge and doubts. Advanced therapy for the structural system, based upon her personal past experiences.  Questions and answers for all categories.

Bio: Jeanne Harold has been a Zoneologist of 24 years. One of the first in the United States. She studied with Dr Charles Ersdall and Katri Nordblom, mentored under her and taught for her school for many years.

She has been training, studying and teaching all her life, she grew up in the health industry in a family of 17 children, her parents were great advocates of wellness and lived it besides teaching it to their children.

In the field of Zoneology, she’s been teaching for 22 years. She spent 18 years zoning 100 people weekly across the United States and other countries.

She will be the first to tell you that each person that came into her life, became her teacher.

She has Studied health and nutrition for 37 years.  Grew up worked for her parents in the Bosch Kitchen Centers for 5 years studying grains, whole foods and nutrition.  She has a vast knowledge of nutrients, their purpose, and how they affect the body.

Jeanne has trained in emotional work, energy work, spinal touch therapy and several other modalities. All of this was to improve her own health and that of her families. She and her husband of 37 years have 11 children and 21 grandchildren.  Jeanne has spent much of her life studying:  Anatomy, Immune Biology, Physiology, Pathology.  Trained in applied Kinesiology for two years practiced 27 years.  Trained in midwifery. Delivered 9 of her children at home.  Spent years assisting deliveries of babies and also being the midwife.  She has been a counselor to thousands who have sought her in their quests for Health and healing on all levels. She gives her time and talents to all she can to help them improve their quality of life!  She has spiritual insights that have changed countless lives, if you ask others, they will all agree! She is a mentor for many and has studied under Three Key Elements as well.

She has been asked to speak thought out the years for several Health Companies, besides topics on health and well being. She honors women and their roll, desiring to bring a knowledge of who they are and the need for their personal healing.

She’s taught classes in:

  • Mothers and their calling.
  • Zoning and the miracle it is in this world
  • Diet and Heath
  • Personal Wellness
  • Self improvement
  • Emotional Healing
  • Spiritual Insights to Wellness
  • Stress and Diet and its effects on all levels of the body.
  • How nutrients play a vast part in every system in the body.
  • Positive thinking
  • Anatomy,
  • Physiology
  • Immune Biology
  • Pathology