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Speaker Spotlight - Jack Canfield - Utah Foot Zone & Holistic Health Conference

Train the Trainer

Transforming the Trainer – How to Create More Engagement, More Results, More to Enhance Your Wellness Practice!

by Jack Canfield

Discover the key ingredients plus experiential learning combined with a Holistic training approach to complement the results of your clients.

Here’s your chance to leverage Jack’s 40 years’ worth of experiential teaching expertise to get more profound results when working in a group setting or one-on-one coaching, in any training/coaching setting imaginable!

Learn how to incorporate the Canfield Method™ – a powerful experiential teaching methodology to enhance your skills and business practices.

As you learn how to change other people’s lives with these powerful Success Principles and experiential teaching methods, be prepared to experience your own life-changing transformation!

Gain the confidence you need to take on new opportunities and move forward in your career. Your path will seem clearer. You’ll feel more focused, more centered, more joyful and more connected to others as you find yourself living an enlightened, success-oriented lifestyle filled with ease and grace.

The Canfield Methodology Teaches You to Work With The Whole Person.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • Jack’s Secret Sauce! The holistic approach, using the mind, body, emotions, imagination, intuition, will, and presence – allowing the student to accomplish real and lasting transformation.
  • The mental aspect includes focusing our mind on the positive with affirmations, replacing negative self-talk with positive self-talk, transforming our inner critic into our inner coach, replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, replacing victim language like “I can’t” with responsible language like “I choose not to” or “I will.”
  • The body is engaged through movement, dance, shoulder massages, hugging, milling exercises, and various energizers and games that are used.
    • Results – Keeps the energy up throughout the day, experiential exercises not only keep the energy up throughout the day, they allow interaction within the group, allowing them to bond, creating a safe space, which allows your group to take more risks, promoting transparency and authenticity – takes your teachings deeper–manifesting results more quickly.
  • The emotions are engaged with exercises like Heart Talks, Autobiographical Sharing and Releasing Inner Blocks, and by utilizing inspirational and motivational stories, videos and music.
    • Results – Creates a safe space, encourages listening, a sense of compassion and releasing of judgement, allowing for infinite possibility.
  • The imagination is engaged by the use of visualization and guided imagery exercises.
    • Results – Higher level of thinking, allowing the participants to make the impossible possible.
  • The intuition is engaged through meditation and exercises like muscle testing and somatic decision making.
    • Results – Participants began to look within for the answers, trust themselves more, and make better decisions, getting better results!
  • The will is engaged through activities that exercise our ability to choose, to ask, to reject rejection, to persevere in the face of obstacles, and to dis-identify with internal and external attachments.
    • Results – Action!
  • Awareness and the spiritual dimension are employed in the meditations and guided visualizations.
    • Results – help participants get grounded and present, allowing them to develop the mindset and awareness necessary for success.

You Will Also Discover:

The results you’ll have as a wellness professional and coach by implementing all three learning styles throughout your presentation.

  • People remember 10% of what there read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, 50% of what they hear and see, 70% of what they say and write, and 90% of what they say as they do a thing.

Jack’s key ingredients to produce a powerful and transformative presentation or workshop that’s sure to keep your group energized and engaged until the end. Using this Recipe for Success, your results are guaranteed and you will never get of track with this simple proven step by step methodology. Here is what it looks like:

  • Creating a Safe Space – Allows Risk-taking
  • Introducing the Core Content – Principle – Creates Clarity
  • Establish credibility around the Principle with Stats, etc. – Creates Credibility
  • Use Exercises to demonstrate the principle – Promotes Group Interaction and Bonding as well as energizes the group.
  • Tell a Story – Drives the concept home – People remember stories more than facts.
  • Transition to your next principle – Allows the speaker to have a beginning, middle and end of each concept, staying on track and on time!
  • Closure Exercise – A way to rap up the day or the hour of teaching, that is seamless and leaves the student inspired and ready to take action.

LASTLY, by teaching the Success Principles and the Canfield Methodology, you organically and consciously begin to apply the principles in your own life in a way that gives you more joy, abundance, and meaning both personally and professionally. When you are living your passion and your purpose you give others to do the same. A large part of the Canfield Methodology has to do with where you are coming from as a trainer, the more authentic, transparent, compassionate, and open you are, the further you are able to take every audience, having greater impact and long lasting results.

Here are a few comments from past students:

“This was by far the best investment I have ever made in my life. The lessons I learned and the personal and professional growth I experienced was priceless.”
Susan Treadgold, London, U.K.Treadgold Executive Development


“Jack not only helped me grow personally, but also equipped me with the tools and resources to help others bring their dreams to life!”
Rick Petry, Minneapolis, MN, High Performance Coach and Seminar Leader

“I have successfully integrated Jack’s Success Principles into my work with Leadership Teams. Jack was so generous with his tools and techniques, that the integration of his tools into my work seemed effortless. My business has grown tremendously as a result of this program and allowed me to gain deeper clarity in my life and added a great deal of depth to my work.”
Kathleen Seeley, Canada, The Seeley Group, Leadership and Management Consultant


“Jack has added great value to me and my business. As a trainer, I have extended my curriculum with numerous teaching points, stories and exercise and am thrilled with how well they integrate with, and add value to, my curriculum. As a result, this has lead to highly satisfied clients and more business!”
Oddmund Berger, Oslow, Norway, International Business Consultant

If you dream of becoming a teacher and coach to profoundly impact the lives of your clients and students– there is no one that will help you develop your skills and grow your business faster, and there is no one more qualified in this industry to teach you than Jack Canfield.