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Speaker Spotlight - Amber Jensen - Utah Foot Zone & Holistic Health Conference
Amber Jensen

Amber Jensen

Wellness Life Zone


The Myofascial System and It’s Newly Discovered Signals for the Foot Zone

by Amber Jensen

When it comes to the Myofascial tissue, we need to think beyond muscle attachments and muscle origins. Fascia encompasses each of your 70 trillion cells, and holds your tissues, organs and glands together. Most people are not aware of the Myofascial System and what it really does, but scientists are now saying this system plays a huge role in helping all our systems communicate with each other, and has a huge affect on our health and diseases. Foot Zone Practitioners are incorporating these new signals into their foot zone sessions, and clients are seeing great results with these new signals. Come learn all about this fabulous system. Learn where these new signals are on the feet, and how to trigger them. Go home with free access to beautifully illustrated and colored reference charts to add to your personal foot zone flow charts. These charts show the anatomy of the myofascial sheets on the body, and the signals found on the feet.

┬áBio: In 1992 -1994 Amber studied Foot Zone and graduated with Doctor Charles Ersdal M.D., M.A., father of Foot Zone Therapy Technique. In 1996 she created her first Foot Zone curriculum, advancing it over the years for easy study. In 2013 Amber and Sharla Pearce developed a color coded foot zone curriculum including animation, with new signals they had discovered over several years. In 2014, they opened Wellness Life Zone and the Foot Zone Academy. They teach three levels of foot zoning, including certification with the advanced signals, gem tools and the gemi zone. They also teach continued education for all foot zone practitioners and holistic healers, including the gemi zone and tools, the gentle healing classes for emotion and energy work, and online anatomy physiology with the 4 bodies of health. “It’s rewarding to see clients and students have changes take place for good in their lives. Foot Zone Therapy gave me back my health and this is exactly why we opened the Wellness Life Zone Center, and are certifying others in this field today.” Complimentary to the foot zone, Amber is a Certified LifeLine TM Practitioner by Doctor Darren Weissman of Chicago. She is trained in Cranial Sacral, Allergy Release, and the Neuro Emotional Technique from Nancy Wilson of Oregon. Amber has in-depth studies of anatomy and physiology, gem therapy, color therapy, Tao 5 element energy work, health supplementation, greens, tinctures, chakras and aroma therapy. Amber is married to Douglas B. Jensen. They have 6 children, 5 grandchildren. Amber works closely with the youth in her church, and loves the quotes, “A smile is a curve that can set most anything straight” and “There isn’t anyone I can’t love when given a chance to know their story.”