Logo Graphic for Announcement PostHey there all you Foot Zone Practitioners!  Are you ready for the 2016 Foot Zone Conference?!

The Annual Foot Zone Conference is the nation’s largest professional development conference for Foot Zone Practitioners and this year’s Conference Agenda has something to help EVERY Practitioner connect, learn, and grow!

The 2016 Conference begins Thursday evening with a Kick-off Reception (included in ticket price) where you can network and mingle in a more fun and festive environment than a typical professional conference would allow.  This is going to be the ‘Par-Tay’ of the conference where Practitioners will be able to socialize with friends, colleagues, speakers, sponsors, and vendors.  Everyone who is Anyone will be at the Kick-Off Reception and Guest Tickets are available so you can bring a friend, spouse, or that special someone to enjoy the festivities with you!

The educational portion of our conference begins Friday with a FABULOUS Keynote Speaker!  We’ll be making a special announcement regarding our Keynote Speaker soon (so stay tuned!), but trust me when I tell you that you will NOT want to miss this year’s Keynote Address!!!  People pay ticket price JUST to hear this year’s Keynote Speaker, and with your ticket you’ll get SO MUCH MORE!

Following our Keynote Speaker is the Getting-to-Know-You networking luncheon.  This is going to be so much fun!  During our luncheon (which is included in the ticket price) you’ll get to know a few fellow Practitioners a little bit better.  How many times have you heard a Practitioner’s name, and thought, “I’ve heard great things about her,” but yet not really known anything about her except her reputation?  The luncheon will give you the chance to learn a few more things about the Practitioners at your table so you can make connections (and hopefully friendships) that will last beyond the conference.

The Getting-to-Know-You luncheon will be followed by several break-out sessions with classes on Foot Zoning/A&P, Business Development, and Complementary Modalities – all designed especially for the Foot Zone Practitioner!  We’re serious about this!  Learning for the sake of learning is great, but the Foot Zone Conference is a Professional Development Conference designed to help all of us become better at what we do – Foot Zone Therapy!  Every speaker knows that their class material needs to be applicable to the Foot Zone Practitioner, able to be utilized during a Foot Zone session, and/or beneficial when working with a Foot Zone Client.

Friday evening, Conference Attendees will come together again for dinner (included in the ticket price) followed by an opportunity to trade zones.

Saturday we’ll continue with Break-Out sessions in the morning and following a brief lunch break (an on-your-own opportunity to meditate on all you’ve learned so far, or spend some time with colleagues and new friends) we’ll come together again to announce the Koru Award winner before we begin the Round-Table demonstrations where Practitioners will share tips, tricks, and techniques that they use in their sessions.  Every Practitioner, as they grow in skill and knowledge, develops specific techniques that they find useful in their practice and for their clients.  During our Round-Table session, we’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced Foot Zone Instructors and Practitioners as they share and demonstrate what works for them.

The 2016 Foot Zone Conference will close Saturday evening with a concluding message from our FABULOUS Keynote Speaker, then we’ll adjourn until the following year!

Throughout the conference there will be a large vendor area where a very select group of retailers will be advertising services and products that Foot Zone Practitioners want to know about!

Whew!  That’s a LOT, but there’s MORE!

Special Pricing.  Full ticket price is $197, BUT Early Bird and Discount pricing is available for those who act quickly!

Scholarship FundDonate to or Apply for a scholarship that’s been set up especially for Foot Zone Practitioners with a financial need who are unable to Volunteer.

Volunteer.  We need volunteers to help with the Conference.  Volunteers get FREE admission to the Conference!

Koru Award.  An Award that recognizes someone within the Foot Zoning community who embodies the Spirit of the Koru by: Promoting the Trade of Foot Zoning; Honoring the History while Promoting the Advancement of the Foot Zone Technique; and Promoting Unity among Foot Zone Practitioners.

Conference Commemorative Book.  A full-color, spiral-bound book with all speaker and roundtable handouts, a section for notes, the conference itinerary, speaker bios with contact information, vendor information, a Directory of Attendees (so you can stay in touch with new friends and colleagues), Conference memes, and so much more!

Discount Room Rates.  We’ve arranged for special pricing with our Venue AND to really save money, you can Share a Room (and make a new friend) with a fellow Conference Attendee!

This year’s Conference Committee is excited about all that this year’s conference has to offer!  Throughout the coming months we’ll be making exciting announcements that you won’t want to miss!  So be sure to sign up to receive Updates and Announcements (you can do that on the side bar to the right), Apply to Present a Class or Round Table Presentation, Purchase your Ticket NOW, and don’t forget to SAVE the DATE!

The 2016 Foot Zone Conference will be Thursday – Saturday, May 5 – 7, 2016, at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City!