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Round Table Presentation Line-Up - Utah Foot Zone & Holistic Health Conference

Round TableWe are SOOO excited to announce the Round Table Line-Up for the 2016 Foot Zone Conference!  We have an AMAZING group of Practitioners anxious to share with you!

Round Table Presentations are 13 minute mini-classes generally taught by a Foot Zone Practitioner demonstrating a zone tip or technique, a complimentary modality that a Practitioner has incorporated into their zone session, or something that the Practitioner shares with their clients to take home as self-help.

Let’s say, for example, that a Practitioner has an interest in MS and they’ve done quite a bit of research on MS and zone several clients with MS.  They might decide to present a Round Table on what they’ve learned and how they zone a client with MS.

Or let’s say that a Practitioner has incorporated tongue diagnosis into their Foot Zone Session.  They might decide to present a Round Table on tongue diagnosis, what it is, how they incorporate it into their session, the benefits they’ve seen from incorporating tongue diagnosis into the session, and then demonstrate how they incorporate tongue diagnosis into their Foot Zone Session.

Or, let’s say that a Practitioner has a really great handout that they share with their clients struggling with a sciatic nerve project.  They might decide to present a Round Table on the sciatic nerve, how to treat the signal on the foot, and then share the handout explaining the different items that are included.

Or maybe a Practitioner has a client that really suffers from endometriosis.  Then one day as they’re zoning that client, the have the impression to try a new method of treatment in addition to what they’ve been doing all along.  That night or the next day they get a call from their client telling them how wonderful they feel and how their endometriosis isn’t bothering them at all!  Further testing with other clients reveals similar results.  Well, that Practitioner might decide to present a Round Table on the new treatment, what led up to the discovery, the results that have been reported, and then demonstrate the new treatment.

You get the idea.

Regardless the topic of the Round Table Presentation, what’s wonderful about these mini-classes is that every single presentation is something that Practitioners can take home with them and begin incorporating into their zone session if they choose to!

We are excited about this year’s line-up of Round Table Presentations and we know you will be too!  The Line-Up is below, but you can read the presentation description and find out more about the Presenter by clicking on the Presenter’s name.

Conference Attendees will have the opportunity to attend eight Round Table Presentations during the 2-hour Round Table portion of the conference.  But don’t worry if you can’t narrow it down to eight!  We know they will all be so wonderful it will be difficult to decide!  So we’re recording ALL of the Speakers and ALL of the Round Table Presentations and you’ll be able to purchase them for download after the conference!

ALL class and Round Table handouts are included in the Commemorative Book too, so make sure you order a Commemorative Book to keep all your handouts and all your class notes in one place for easy access for years to come!

Round Table Presentations