Complimentary Modality Breakout Sessions Bundle- 2016

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Watch all of the Complimentary Modality Breakout Sessions from the 2016 Utah Foot Zone Conference!

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Get more from your conference experience! Watch videos from classes you were unable to attend in person and Re-watch the videos as many times as you need to get a better understanding of the topic.

These videos from the 2016 conference will allow you to broaden your knowledge base and grow professionally!

This bundle includes the following breakout class sessions included in the Complimentary Modality Track from the 2016 Utah Foot Zone Conference:

  • Steven Horne – Turn on Your Heart Light; Cultivating Empathy & Awareness
  • David Larson – Understanding Toxic Body Burden and the Benefits of Intracellular Detoxification
  • Marta DeBerard – Light Up Your Zone!
  • Mark Stephenson – Music in Healing
  • Kara Willis – The Matical Worls of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls


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