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Kick-Off Reception Co-Sponsors Make History! - Utah Foot Zone & Holistic Health Conference

UnitySince the passage of HB207 in 2014 we have witnessed many great and marvelous things in the Foot Zone Industry.

First was the creation of the Utah Foot Zone Association, an organization devoted to high educational standards and providing the opportunity for Foot Zone Practitioners to meet the legal requirements in the State of Utah, practice their trade, and gather together for mutual edification.

Then came our first Foot Zone Conference.  With a mission of promoting unity within the Foot Zone Community and helping Foot Zone Practitioners connect, learn, and grow within their chosen profession, the Utah Foot Zone Conference provides an opportunity for Professional Development that isn’t offered anywhere else!

It is in keeping with the ideal of mutual edification and unity that UFZA Recognized Training Programs continue to make history by coming together to Co-Sponsor the Kick-Off Reception!

It’s no surprise that training programs that value high educational standards also understand the value of networking, unity, and continuing education!

The Kick-Off Reception is an opportunity for Practitioners, Speakers, Vendors, and Sponsors to network and mingle in a more fun and festive environment than a typical professional conference would allow!

The theme for this year’s Kick-Off Reception is “The White Ball” and we’re asking everyone to wear white! There will be games, great prizes, refreshments and a whole lot of FUN!  And thanks to the generosity of the following training programs we will have some exciting news to announce about the Kick-Off Reception in the days to come!

The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy is an educational center dedicated to teaching Foot Zone Therapy and other techniques for supporting health and well-being. Our purpose is to insure that Foot Zone Therapy is presented in a consistent, professional and current manner.

Foot Zone Therapy is a powerful and complete healing technique that can change the health of those who experience consistent treatments. Our purpose is that all recipients of Foot Zone Therapy should notice improved health and vitality. We also intend that our students will gain career opportunities as well as personal growth.

The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy is dedicated to continued diligence in the development and promotion of this technique.

Family Foot Reflexology is committed to helping families heal within the home.

Our unique approach helps individuals connect the physical with the emotional, the emotional with the mental and the mental with the spiritual to help individuals find total health and wellness on all levels.

Foot Zone Center is dedicated to raising the standard of foot zoning! Our training program has been designed to “Ignite” the gift to heal in its students, practitioners, and those they serve.

Our goal is to empower students to reach their highest potential. Even if you feel unequal to the task or unqualified we will help you move forward one step at a time so that you can pursue foot zoning with confidence and create your desired outcomes.

All successful people know that the best investment you can make is in yourself. Let us help you create the life you’ve always wanted. We are looking for students with a burning desire to learn, continue their education and use their talents in the ever growing demand for qualified foot zone practitioners.

Our mission is to bring foot zone therapy to every family so that individuals can become self-reliant in providing a healthy lifestyle for their families.

In 2011 our family moved to Hawaii. Living among such diversity helped me realize the need to spread the foot zone worldwide. To accomplish this mission, we created a series of detailed video foot zone tutorials.

These tutorials walk anyone through a foot zone step by step. For those who wish a professional understanding of foot zone therapy, Foothold also offers an online seminar that includes professional mentoring, available from anywhere, at anytime. This mix of technology and personal mentoring allows us to reach people from around the globe and improves the teaching and learning experience of our students.

Surefooted Renewal

Surefooted Renewal

The name describes the process.  Sure means…certain, positive, clear, dependable, unquestionably true, accurate, firm, secure, steady, extremely confident, able to be safely relied on at all times.

SureFooted suggests…one is skilled and confident in moving; competent, unlikely to stumble or err.

Renew means…to revitalize, regenerate, renovate, repair, restore, replenish, revamp, restart, rekindle, refresh, recharge, revive, rejuvenate, make new again.

Hence, SureFooted Renewal is …a positive, safe, accurate way to rejuvenate, realign, and renew health–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The process of working on the feet is called renewing.

A person who performs renewing is a Renewist.

We believe that every family needs a way to help themselves, their families, and their friends in times of need and distress to help bring balance back into their lives.

Our intent with our Foot Zone Certification Program is to help students become the best Foot Zone Practitioner they can possibly be by providing: very complete and detailed training in the Foot Zone Technique, FREE life-time continuing education, and by building our student’s self-esteem and confidence. We create a personal mentor-ship between our students and instructors, allowing us to refine the training to each of our student’s needs.

We know that every student has their own reason for learning the Foot Zone Technique: personal growth, family preparedness, health and wellness of our families, financial and/or business growth, and many others. Our commitment is to give our full attention to the needs of our students to prepare them to fulfill their own personal legend. We are confident in our training and commit our knowledge and years of experience to helping Practitioners find their personal gifts to share.

We do not believe in being controlled by fear or allowing it to dictate our future. We believe in: faith, action, knowledge, and belief. We believe in preparedness and mastering control of ourselves so we can be an instrument in the hands of our Creator and Master, our God.

Wellness Life Zone is committed to Foot Zone Practitioners of all levels. At your request WLZ has developed four levels of education:

• Foot Zone 1-2-3 Weekend Seminar: We teach you the basics for personal use. Online animation included.
• Foot Zone Practitioner Certification Course: Learn the Advanced Foot Zone. Course includes fun interactive A&P, other supporting modalities, including the NEW Gemi Zone Technique and access to online animation. Lifetime free audit for all certified students.
• Online CE classes for everyone: Foot Zoning, A&P, Energy Work.
• Foot Zone Scholar Program: Was inspired by popular demand from Foot Zone Practitioners in this industry, like you, wishing to advance your knowledge and skills.

Awaken and empower your gifts and talents with us at Wellness Life Zone.