Free StuffThe 2016 Foot Zone Conference will start in just six days!

Foot Zone Practitioners from all over the country will be coming together for 2 days of training, networking, and business development, and one fun-filled evening of entertainment and prizes at the Kick Off Reception! The excitement is really starting to build!  In fact, we’re having a hard time waiting and we’re sure you are too!

So, in anticipation for the wonderful feast of knowledge we’ll enjoy at the conference (and to give us a little Conference ‘fix’), we are offering a free video download from the 2014 Foot Zone Conference!  We’ve offered a different video download for the past three Fridays and this is the fourth and final Friday Freebie before the Conference begins.  The free download offer will only be available for one day, so be sure to get your video while you can!

Our last Friday Freebie is Larry Orr – SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.  To get the video for FREE use coupon code:  fridayfreebie4 when you order the video.

Enjoy!  And we’ll see you at the conference!

Join us at the Conference!

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