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Thursday, April 5, 2018


Evening Mix & Mingle

Come enjoy refreshments, live music, and good company. Mingle with familiar friends, or make new ones!

Friday, April 6, 2018


Check-in / Vendor Exhibits


Opening Ceremony


Keynote | Nic and Heather Johnson: Compassion and Belonging

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” –Mother Teresa


Lunch (not provided)


Cascade A | Holly Draper: My Top 10 Essential Oils and Their Uses

Come find out what essential oils are in my top 10 list and why. Also learn how to use them for yourselves for maximum benefits.

Cascade B | Jennifer Feigleson: Lasting Foundational Wellness – 7 Steps

If knowledge is POWER, then WISDOM is the correct application of that knowledge.  This class and its accompanying 7 step program were created to help professionals “walk their wellness talk” by giving them tools to help accelerate their clients’ progress. These principles are found in every healing art, ancient manuscript and culture. They constitute foundational principles that can be learned and incorporated one step at a time.  With a knack for connecting the dots between the body, mind, and spirit, Jennifer empowers professionals to turn “science into sound bites” inspiring everyone in accelerating their journey to health, wellness & prosperity.

Cascade C | Terje Varpe: The​ ​Blood​ Circulation​ ​System

One of advantages in the Ersdal method (EZT) is the rich number of signals for the blood vessels. This is a big advantage in treating a lot of ailments and disorders. And a good blood circulation is necessary to maintain the good result with the foot zone. By triggering the circulatory system well, one can control the blood flow of both arteries and veins. Terje will teach new discoveries, developments and accuracy of pressure points in the foot zone for the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

Cascade D | Laree Westover: The​ ​Reproductive System

This class will be reproductive anatomy, both female and male, as much as can be fit into 1 hour with a very specific focus on how anatomy applies to the zone.
I will try to include functions and feelings, both in the body and on the foot, of “normal” menstruation, pregnancy, childbearing, the post-partum period, and menopause. There will be some discussion of what “abnormal” might feel like on the feet during a zone therapy session. I will be stressing why it is not necessary to feel awful during these times of our lives and how to prevent it. (PMS is NOT a normal or necessary condition!) I will mention a couple of less well-known nutritional facts that impact reproductive health and make a few suggestions as to nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and essential oils. Fertility and miscarriage will also be mentioned as well as specific men’s health issues.. The lymphatic system as it relates to menstruation and women’s health will also be mentioned.

Cascade E | Sharla Pearce: Gemi Zone Technique

The Gemi Zone is a new technique that uses the scientific healing properties of gemstones that can be used on its own or as a complementary modality with the Foot Zone Technique or Massage Therapy. Come learn the science behind gemstones and how they can boost your foot zone or massage practice to a whole new level. It is fun and easy to learn and anyone can learn how to do it. This class will be followed up with additional hands-on application during the round table demonstrations.

Soldier Creek | Weston Sorenson: Self-Balancing of the Center Meridian

Be introduced to the concept of Chinese meridian pathways and the flow of energy through them. Learn the basics of how Acupressure is performed. Then, balance your own central meridian as I guide you through a simple protocol, using your own light finger pressure on specific acupoints throughout the body.

Hobble Creek | Maleah Gordon: Active Healing

The foot zone provides incredible healing in and of itself. However, I have found that when individuals play an active role in their healing, the body accepts it quicker and more effectively. In this class you will learn specific tools and things you and your clients can do to actively engage in healing. Your mind body and spirit will thank you!

Silver Creek | D.D. Black: Healing Hearts and Home – Relationships, Roles & A Work Given Each Of Us To Do

Our family relationships can be the source of our greatest joys…or our greatest sufferings & struggles – depending on how well we learn, or do not learn, to live these gifts. The roles we’ve been entrusted with in each others lives, that these relationships are born from, are often times taken for granted & one of the least considered, & supported aspects of our, & our loved ones, health & wellness. And yet, they are fundamental, even foundational, to it.
The good news is, the call to pay attention & learn what we need to here, just keeps calling us back to this fact! Our most significant roles & the relationships therein aren’t going anywhere. The call is only likely to get louder. It is time we learn to listen & hear what is being communicated, & gain what we each need to truly live these gifts we were given, as we are given to. The condition of our hearts, our homes & the world in which we live vividly illustrate this self-evident fact.
This class will go into some of the most vital understandings & basic, yet significant skills the majority of us never learned, & yet we vitally need in our own hearts & homes today; freeing ourselves & loved ones from emotional bondage, finally overcoming destructive learned habits of the past, & powerfully equipping us with what we need to begin now to build together, the gift of home & the beautiful relationships we & our loved ones truly seek, & truly need. 

Battle Creek | Open Zoning Room

This room is set aside and will be available at any time during the conference if you would like to take that time to trade a foot zone.


Cascade A | Roxanna Mauer: Zoning to Support Health During Pregnancy

Many of us wonder what is appropriate to do when helping clients that are pregnant. Roxanna has worked with a huge variety of this exact situation. Come learn from her experience.

Cascade B | Marta DeBerard: Power Up Zone with Harmonic Light

Understand why light and vibrational frequency are so important to our mind, body and spirit. Learn how wavelength, color and frequency innately affect and nourish us and how light is the perfect way to deliver vibrational frequency at a quantum level. Learn how to use harmonic light as part of your practice and personal wellness program to enhance your zone with even greater ease and effectiveness.

Cascade C | Steve Barrington: Tensegrity and Recognizing Postural Imbalances from the Foot

Good posture starts and ends with the feet. Learn how different muscle groups work together, including compensation patterns. Learn to recognize, from the foot, common postural imbalances, potential causes and risks of such conditions, and some ways to help correct them.

Cascade D | Sharee Snyder: Cranial Sacral Through the Foot

Come learn how to give cranial sacral therapy through the foot. I have been trained in cranial sacral therapy and have found that this can be done on the foot just as effectively as on the body. I have practiced this technique on individuals who are certified in foot zone therapy and cranial sacral therapy and have found it to be as effective, if not more, based on their findings and feedback.

Cascade E | Nic Johnson: Addiction – Recognition, Hope, and Healing

You are likely no further than one degree of separation from addiction. Either you or a loved one struggles with it. Learn the hallmarks of addiction and gain some insight into the process that drives addictive behavior. Gain hope through new understanding about yourself or your loved one. And learn from first-hand experience the truly liberating healing that radiates from a recovery lifestyle.

Soldier Creek | Kimberly Keller: Tai Chi Qigong

The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body postures using flowing, fluid, slow-motion movements, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm meditative state of mind. Used in belief it promotes health, spirituality, and clarifies a mind-body connection for stress management and longevity. The low-impact moving meditations include standing and balancing. Although qi gong and tai chi are excellent fitness activities for beginners and people with health conditions, elite athletes also benefit from doing the slow movements, because everyone needs better balance and muscle control. This practice is the training of conscious mindfulness to be completely in the present moment. Traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), translated as “life energy”. The movements are designed to specifically promote the flow of chi within you. Recommended book tai chi – health for life Dragon and tiger medical Qigong Opening the energy gates of your body Anything of truly great value always has great subtlety, whether or not it looks simple and easy on the surface.

Silver Creek | Jennah Martin: Woodland Natural Wellness

Keep your foot zone all natural from the time you clean your client’s feet until the time you clean your hands at the end.  Learn how the components in our all natural, essential oil, “NICEtm” sanitizer, and soothing creams will benefit you and your clients. I will have samples to share! There are so many natural ways to promote healing and health, so come learn some of our favorites.  I started making creams, natural sanitizers, and goat milk soap over 10 years ago when my toddler son struggled with eczema. Shifting from chemical laden products to all natural, whole products, completely healed his skin.  We’ve been making them together as a family ever since, and you can learn how to do it too!

Battle Creek | Open Zoning Room

This room is set aside and will be available at any time during the conference if you would like to take that time to trade a foot zone.


Cascade A | Jamie Jensen: Energy Medicine

What is energy medicine, and how to use it in the most effective manner for deepening your trade and overcoming chronic illness.

Cascade B | Sharik Peck: Vagus Nerve Entrainment

The primary function of the Vagus nerve is to encourage healing of the human body and nervous system, to regulate the neurotransmitters, cardiac function, breathing, and nearly everything else critical for the human body to decrease inflammation, restore, and heal. The brain, memories, experiences and thought processes have a strong role in the healing process. In this presentation learn the interactions of many of the key neurotransmitters involved in the stress response of the nervous system as well as how to enhance Vagus nerve functioning, shut down and reduce many types of pain in the head and neck region such as migraine headaches, TMJ/TMD pain, neck pain, and even Trigeminal neuralgia. The Vagus nerve and its interactions with the Trigeminal nerve are key in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. These interactions of cranial nerves 5 and 10 will be reviewed and placed within a cognitive and emotional context. Demonstration of the techniques and tools developed by the author will be performed during this lecture.

Cascade C | Terje Varpe: Pelvic​ ​Muscles​ ​(Deep​ and​ ​Superficial)

Problems in the back seem to be a widespread conditions. One of the reasons could come from different places in the body. But one common reason seems to be connected to the pelvic muscles that attach to the medial femur bone. Many of these muscles stabilize the pelvis and the bottom of the back. In this class you will learn a specific method to reach many of these muscles. Treating these deep muscles through chiropractics, osteopathy, massage, etc. are often difficult to reach because of how deep placement of these muscles. However, by using Zone Therapy, you can reach them quite easy.

Cascade D | Weston Sorenson: Chinese Archetypes

Discover in class whether your personal archetype is: fire, earth, metal, water, or wood. Learn characteristics of each element, and what each element can be like when in and out of balance. Become acquainted with the creation and control cycles and how the archetypes interact with one another. Find peace and understanding by learning to see and accept yourself and others through your new Chinese archetype eyes.

Cascade E | Christine Christensen: Body Awareness

This presentation will be looking at how the body reacts to stimuli and how those reactions travel through and effect the body. We will talk about how this interacts with addiction, emotional trauma, physical dysfunction and life skills. It is possible to adjust how our body responds through body and mind awareness along with Foot Zone Therapy. Learn how Foot Zone Therapy can play a major role in encouraging change in how people react to stimuli.

Soldier Creek | Patricia Lee, LPC,CSAC: Meditation for the Caregiver

I have observed that caregivers often put the needs of other’s before their own. In this presentation, learn the simple beauties of taking time for oneself to re-center and to recharge. Learn about, and then experience first-hand in class, concepts of visualization, meditation, imagery, and grounding. *Door prizes and Handouts*

Hobble Creek | Holly Draper: Purify Skin Therapy

We are one of the rare companies founded by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and an Internationally Registered Aromatherapist to bring you only the highest quality organic and wildcrafted essential oils available worldwide, correct potent and effective blends, and correct aromatherapy education.

Because when it comes to essential oils, QUALITY MATTERS. With Purify Skin Therapy’s oils you are guaranteed: 100% Pure, USDA Certified Organic, Wildcrafted, NON GMO, Authentic and Genuine Oils, Natural and Unaltered, Superior Worldwide Indigenous Sources, Sourced by a Certfied Clinical Aromatherapist, Premium Therapeutic Grade, GC/MS Tested for Quality, Eight Different Tests to Assure Purity and Quality, Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles with Custom Lids, Purest and Most Effective Oils on the Market.

Silver Creek | Mike Duvall: Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy

If you’re sincerely into helping people, and securing enough income to continue to do what you love doing, come join Mike Duvall for an energized introduction to a new way of healing and enhanced health that integrates seamlessly with your current modality. Mike will show you how the device, with 5 international patents, can offer you and your clients documented improvements in: General Blood Flow · Cardiac Function · Enhanced Nutrient and Oxygen Supply, plus Waste/Toxin Disposal ·  Physical Endurance and Strength ● More Energy ·  Self-Healing ·  Pain Reduction ·  Anti-Aging ·  Stronger Immune System ·  Strength and Energy ·  Stress Reduction and Relaxation · Mental Acuity and Memory Including Dementia ·  Sleep Management · AND MUCH MORE.

Battle Creek | Open Zoning Room

This room is set aside and will be available at any time during the conference if you would like to take that time to trade a foot zone.


Plated Dinner and Trading Foot Zones

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Check-in / Vendor Exhibits


Cascade A | Claudia Orgill: Understanding and Resolving Chronic Illness

It’s estimated that by 2025 49% of Americans will suffer with a chronic illness. This statistic doesn’t include chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease, Lupus, MS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and more. If we take these chronic health issues into account the estimated percentage of Americans who will be suffering with a chronic illness by 2025 is likely around 80%. We NEED to understand how serious this is. We NEED to understand WHY this is happening. And we NEED to understand what to do about it.

In this class, Claudia Orgill will share what changes we should make now to prevent these issues from affecting us and generations to come and what we can do to address these issues now if we’re already stuck in the relentless cycle of a chronic illness.


Cascade B | Dr. Holly Keddington: Anatomy of the Ear

Gross anatomy of the ear and pathways for transmission of sound energy through the peripheral and central auditory system. Causes, development, and effects of pathological conditions contributing to temporary or chronic hearing impairments.

Cascade C | Terje Varpe: The​ ​Hormone​ ​System

The hormone system vital to maintaining the health of the body and for the reproductive system. This system also helps maintain the balance of our mental health. But how does the hormone system work? Terje will explain how this system works with its negative feed back system, and you will learn the EZT signal system for controlling the feedback system.

Cascade D | Dr. Chris Palmer: Not Taking On Clients’ Energetic Issues

Description: This presentation is about how to identify and limit the potentially negative energetic exchanges between us and other people that manifest as tension, negative attitudes and low energy/fatigue and other things.  This presentation is “must have” knowledge for everyone, but especially helpful for doctors, nurses, Foot Zoners, massage therapists, chiropractors, those who work in person to person sales, energy workers or anyone who interacts with the public or large numbers of people.  Among the benefits of learning and applying the techniques presented in this class are increased energy through the day, less fatigue at the end of the day, better objectivity in handling situations and more. For those who are beginning intuitive/energy workers or who would like to know more about working with subtle energies, basic concepts in working in this area are an integral part of the subject matter and are presented in a clear and practical manner.

Cascade E | Amber Jensen: Lymph System and Ventricular System Connection

Did you know that lymph fluid and Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) are cousins? Both have elaborate functions and collecting vessels that contribute to immunity, a clean circulatory system, and clean organs.

Amber Jensen will teach you the functions of both systems, how they correlate with each other and greatly influence the Circulatory and Immune systems, and why CSF is enclosed to only the brain and spinal cord. This class material also covers and demonstrates newly discovered Foot Zone acupressure points of the Ventricular System and a review of acupressure points for the deep lymph and drainage of the thoracic duct.

Soldier Creek | Kara Willis: The Magical World of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls

In this class, attendees will learn a brief and history of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. They will learn of the various healing benefits, and how the bowls can be utilized in a Foot Zone practice. I will wrap up this presentation with an experiential group bowl session.

Hobble Creek | Kathy Duvall: Academy of Foot Zone Therapy

Come learn about The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy and our curriculum.

The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy is an educational center dedicated to teaching Foot Zone Therapy and other techniques for supporting health and well-being. Our purpose is to insure that Foot Zone Therapy is presented in a consistent, professional and current manner.

Foot Zone Therapy is a powerful and complete healing technique that can change the health of those who experience consistent treatments. Our purpose is that all recipients of Foot Zone Therapy should notice improved health and vitality. We also intend that our students will gain career opportunities as well as personal growth.

The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy is dedicated to continued diligence in the development and promotion of this technique.

Silver Creek | Laree Westover: Butterfly Essentials LLC

This class will focus, for the first few minuets at least and according to the interest and needs of class members, on some of the basics of why and how essential oils accomplish their amazing miracles. The remainder of the time will be spent on practical ways to utilize essential oils in every day living. The discussion will center around appropriated oils to use with various body systems and issues that may occur respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, lymphatic, and so on. Various methods of applying and using essential oils for each system will be presented as the discussion unfolds.

Battle Creek | Open Zoning Room

This room is set aside and will be available at any time during the conference if you would like to take that time to trade a foot zone.


Lunch (not provided)


Cascade A | Susan Bell: Power of Intention

There are many things that foot zoning can accomplish. You can make your foot zones even more effective with the your intentions and truly believing that it will work. This includes putting the body back in alignment, balancing, reconnecting, and removing blocks. This class will help you to use your intuition/ muscle testing to determine what the client needs and remove blocks for optimal healing.

Cascade B | Alisa Smith: Journeying toward Optimal Mental Health – Foot Zoning for Depression and Anxiety

When it comes to healing mental/emotional struggles, foot zoning can be a powerful tool. In this 45 min class, we’ll discuss specific things to look for when foot zoning for optimal mental health. We’ll give special attention to a lesser-known part of the brain (Brodmann’s Area 25) that heavily impacts regulation of emotion, motivation, appetites, compulsions, and more.
*This class is designed for a broad audience and should appeal to those new to foot zoning and advanced practitioners alike.

Cascade C | Kisi Watkins: Improve the Effectiveness of your Foot Zone with Mentoring & CranioSacral Therapy

Dramatically improve your clients’ experience with Foot Zoning by performing CranioSacral Therapy on their feet as applicable during their Zone and also by Mentoring them during the Zone.  Mentoring them includes teaching and helping them to employ techniques they can use in their lives as they take responsibility for their own health and personal growth.

Cascade D | Dr. Palmer – Understanding Physical Effects of Trapped Emotion

As a health care practitioner I find that some pains and problems in the body will not leave or be corrected unless related trapped emotions in the body are found and released. In light of this, the purposes of this presentation are twofold: The first of these is to bring awareness and understanding to the relationship between stuffed or trapped emotions and physical problems. The next is to explore tools that an individual can use to release the trapped emotions.

Subjects Covered:
-How stuffed and avoided negative emotions effect the physical body
-Your own emotions vs. taking on someone else’s emotions
-Splits and buried emotions from traumatic events
-Foot Zoning and other tools for releasing emotions

This presentation is great on its own, but having the Managing Your Body’s Energies presentation first adds greater dimension and understanding to this one.

Cascade E | Allison H. Larsen: Vibration and Foot Zoning – Raising the Frequency of the Planet One Foot at a Time


Come learn about frequencies and how they manifest through the feet. Learn how to raise the frequency of the body via the foot zone.

Soldier Creek | Ronda Tracy: Ayervedic Morning Routine and Abayanga Self-Massage

Come learn the components of a basic Ayervedic morning routine, including oil pulling, the use of a neti pot, yoga, lymph brushing, and performing Abhyanga (self) massage. Then follow along as I guide you through giving yourself a heavenly Abhyanga hot oil massage. (While traditionally, more parts of the body are incorporated, for practical reasons, I will  just be directing you in how to use the hot oil to massage your hands and feet.)

Hobble Creek | Sharik Peck: Rezzimax

Hello, I’m Sharik Peck, a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified Rehabilitation Counselor with expertise in pain therapy. My wife, Cheryl and I are no strangers to pain, having suffered several disabling accidents, including a stroke, a broken neck, a broken back, and years of chronic pain. But these challenges have led us to discover a better way to find comfort by developing the Rezzimax® Tuner, a great natural soother for you entire family! I invite you to discover it for yourself!

Silver Creek | Julie Cheney: The Sole Academy

Amazingly, our entire body is “mapped” into our feet. Foot Zoning is a modality that uses a specific protocol on our body’s foot map to be able to help us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The curriculum of The Sole Academy has been created to make it possible for anyone and everyone to learn Foot Zoning.  Some people want to learn it for a professional career, while others only want to learn enough to bless their families.  Some have the money to pay for it all at once, while others need to take it over time to help spread out the financial cost. Our curriculum has been developed with both in mind.

Silver Creek | Amber Jensen – Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy

With over 25 years of foot zone experience, we are committed to you–the foot zone student, and Certified Foot Zone practitioner. We married the foot zone knowledge of the past to a more modern foot zone technique as we continue to find new discoveries and advancements on the feet, including: over 100 new foot zone signals, new fascia signals, foot zone gem therapy tools and their piezo-healing effects, etc.

We love to make learning fun! Class materials, animation, and online resources are unprecedented! Everything is colorful, and color coordinated, with easy to follow directions, and accurate.  Our Anatomy & Physiology books are written specifically for Foot Zone students.

If you are interested in certifying, the family foot zone, gentle healing class or you are already a Foot Zone Practitioner, we’ve created something special for you.  Come take a peak and let’s play


Battle Creek | Open Zoning Room

This room is set aside and will be available at any time during the conference if you would like to take that time to trade a foot zone.


Cascade A | Maleah Gordon: Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing is a valuable tool as a holistic or energetic practitioner. In this class you will learn different ways to muscle test, why your testing might be inaccurate, how to get clear strong responses, and how to trust the test. I have used muscle testing for finding vitamins to detecting serious physical ailments and everything in between. There is profound value in being able to access and understand the body’s energy system.

Cascade B | Beverly Kingsford: Chakras – Your Tool for Effective Perspective

Some regard the chakras as mystical or magical. Some see the chakra system as a simple extension of the energy of the nervous system. Some believe the chakras hold the keys to unlocking the body’s energy and stored information. What do you know about this complex system, and what questions do you have about how it pertains to you as an individual or a practitioner?

Journey into the fascinating and intricate world of the main energy centers that feed the meridian system in your subtle body. Understand how balance and imbalance plays a role in your health. Learn grounding and “wrapping” techniques that calm down the amygdala and activate your frontal lobe.

Come enjoy an overview of the basic chakra system, learn about patterns in nature, and experience a powerful chakra meditation in this interactive and energy-enhancing session.
Explore why this form of energy therapy is valid, safe and effective, how it can be used as a stand-alone therapy or incorporated into the zone, and how the chakras can be a powerful perspective tool for greater clarity and healing.

Cascade C | Jessica Sorensen: Succulents in Holistic and Therapeutic Settings

“Gardening is the fine art of soul to soil” (Jan Bills). Succulents are living examples of tenacity, patience, and the wisdom of storing resources within yourself.  They allow us to experience beauty, express creativity, engage the senses, and connect with the basic processes of life.  Whether you’re a “green thumb” or not, learn about these remarkable plants and how to use them to enhance your holistic and therapeutic settings.  Presentation will include succulent terrariums, zen sand gardens, kokedama, air purification, dish gardens, and more—including hands-on demonstrations and plant giveaways.

Cascade D | Stephanie Larrabee: Whole-body Approach to Dis-Ease

How using nutrition, mindfulness, and the foot zone can help those with autoimmune disease and functional medicine issues.

Cascade E | Julie Cheney: Discovery Versus Diagnosis

Many of us wonder what we can and cannot say to clients. This class will help you understand how to do so while staying within the law and ethical boundaries.

Soldier Creek | Ronda Myer: Energizing your Chakra System

If you’re looking for ways to help children communicate about their emotions and how to release them
you don’t want to miss my class.  I will lead you through an exercise I learned in my energy
healing training called Chakra energetics, ™ this exercise creates a gentle opening and clearing
of the entire chakra system with sound and movement and is a wonderful tool to release
emotions that may be interfering with the flow of the chakra system.
Explore where emotions are living in your body, and be ready to let your inner child come out
and play.

Hobble Creek | Ross Graham: Are You at Risk? Why Your Business Needs Insurance and What It Covers

Meet Ross Graham, a licensed insurance agent in the state of Utah, whose primary focus is providing coverage for bodywork professionals through the Beauty and Bodywork Insurance Program.  Even individuals practicing foot zoning who haven’t formed a business could still be at risk for claims.  He will discuss what business insurance covers, whether professional or malpractice insurance is the same, and will share common insurance claims and their costs. Ross looks forward to answering any questions, comments or concerns at the class or at the Beauty and Bodywork Insurance booth in the vendor hall.



Silver Creek | Andrea Graves: Cortiva Institute of Massage

Is a career in massage therapy right for you or someone you love? Come learn about our program and curriculum.

  • A diploma in as little as 7½ months
  • Convenient Day and Night classes that fit your life
  • 1,000s of jobs available across the country
  • Support in finding a career that gives you joy
  • Accomplished instructors and faculty to guide your development
  • Financial aid available for those who qualify

Battle Creek | Open Zoning Room

This room is set aside and will be available at any time during the conference if you would like to take that time to trade a foot zone.


Vendor Exhibits


Closing Ceremony and Prizes