In addition to being a wife and mom with 4 great kids (all nerds), a Foot Zone Practitioner, the Salt Lake County Chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, the creator of an international Raw Milk network,  a nutty backyard farmer, and the author of the Everything Coconut Diet Cookbook, Anji is the lead designer for

She created her first website in 1995, after which she became an avid self taught web designer. She has been working primarily with WordPress since 2004. She graduated from BYU in 1998 with a BA in English Ed, after which she got a job teaching high school English, and serving as the school’s webmaster. She moved on from teaching in 2001 and worked for 5 years doing technical support for Microsoft accounts, supporting Windows 98, ME, and XP, and then Microsoft Office. During this time, she received several marriage proposals (all politely declined), helped fend off two alien hacking attacks, helped at least 3 people plug in the computer (when it would not start up) and fixed Bill Nye’s Computer (yes, the science guy).

If you want to read more about her crash course in health and nutrition, you can read her story on her blog. After leaving tech support, she went on to graduate with an additional AAS in Graphic Design and Illustration from SLCC and started working at WPSlopes shortly afterward doing web design in 2014.