Nic and Heather Johnson

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Terje Varpe

Terje Varpe is born in Tønsberg, Norway. After a handball injury, he received Foot Zone treatments from Dr. Charles Ersdal to restore his health. Because of this, he eventually received his Foot Zone Certification through Dr. Charles Ersdal in 1977, and was one of his first students. He has been practicing this profession for 35 years and is a co-owner of Varpe/Ersdal Foot Zone Therapy, with Dr. Ersdal’s son, Robert Ersdal. Together their vision is to develop an even more effective treatment and class materials. He teaches to therapists and foot zone students in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and in the USA. Terje is also a board member for therapists in Norway, and a member of …….which assessed different aspects of legalization for natural medicine in Norway. resulting in a law and regulation of natural medicine since 2002. Today Terje lives in an island south of Tønsberg called Nøtterøy with his wife Cecilie, two of his sons and a dog. He has 5 children and 2 grandchildren.

Alisa Smith

I’ve been foot zoning for 5 years now, and 4 of them have been spent with a definite focus on foot zoning for mental health benefits. In my own struggles to recover from PTSD and the difficulties that came with it, I searched for as many healing helps as I could find, and greatly enjoy incorporating them into my foot zoning.

Amber Jensen

Amber Jensen is an international educator/speaker. She teaches Foot Zone Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Arts, The Laws and Physics of Energy, and Gem therapy, where she is known for her fun, informative approach to teaching.

She started her journey 27 years ago, certifying as a Foot Zone Practitioner through the Father of Foot Zone Therapy, Dr. Charles Ersdal. Amber and Sharla Pearce are co-owners of the Wellness Life Zone Center for Holistic Education, and the Foot Zone Academy. They have discovered over 100 new acupressure signals in the Foot Zone, advancing client’s health. Together, they pioneered and developed advanced state-of-the-art colored foot zone charts and curriculum based on a love for the profession, new discoveries, and a strong desire to create for their students and fellow foot zone practitioners more opportunity for educational advancements in this Industry. Other training for Amber Jensen includes, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified LifeLine Tech. TM for emotional healing, Allergy Release, and the Neuro Emotional Technique. Amber is the author of WLZ Anatomy and Physiology books, and The Gentle Healing Energy Course.

Beverly Kingsford

Beverly R. Kingsford is the owner of Holistic Health Services, Inc., an Idaho company offering natural health therapies and health products in both Idaho and Utah since 2001. Her company offers support, networking and professional services to holistic practitioners and clients. Beverly sees clients and also teaches certification courses as a Chakra Master. Her system of Emotional Release Therapy is  based upon the Atonement of Jesus Christ and is the basis for her book Fearless Happiness. Her book Living in a Higher Vibration is a favorite among energy, abundance and holistic health enthusiasts. Beverly also teaches community courses on natural healing, physical health and energy, mindfulness, and is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences. Bev is married to her best friend & fishing/hunting partner, Robert Kingsford. They have six children and a blossoming garden of grandchildren. Her greatest loves are her Savior, family, nature, wild-harvesting, writing, teaching about energy therapy and spiritual gifts, and helping others to be holistically whole. Her favorite mantra is “perfect time, perfect place, perfect way”.

Char Olenik


Christine Christensen

In 1997, Cade, Christine’s eldest son, was diagnosed with neonatal lupus. After following direction of traditional western medical doctors (including excessive testing) with little success, she and her mother Kathy Duvall sought the healing power of Foot Zone therapy, through which her son became symptom free. The efficacy of Foot Zone therapy during her son’s illness set Christine and her mother on the path of learning to practice Foot Zone, so that others might also have a chance of improved health.

Christine & Kathy created the Academy of Foot Zone Therapy. They have developed a full curriculum and four text books, which laid the foundation for building the academy. During her years of practice in Foot Zone Therapy, Christine has served on committees, taught classes, hosted conferences and monthly conference calls. She has practiced and studied Foot Zone therapy for over eleven years and has made it her passion and full-time profession.

Claire Miller

Claire Miller has spent years teaching classes in Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors. She has spoken throughout the Western United States and Hawaii. She has taught classes for BYU, BYU Hawaii, Know Your Religion and BYU Education Week. She has a BS in Education, and a Masters in Instruction with emphasis in Behavior Therapy. Claire teaches these principles to her clients as a way to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Claudia Orgill

Claudia Orgill has been studying alternative and natural solutions for health and disease for over 12 years. She is currently studying to become a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She is the author of a popular natural health book called Beyond Wheat and Weeds. Claudia has taught others about using alternative solutions to safely, peacefully and effectively address all manner of health ailments throughout the U.S. She is currently most passionate about teaching others how to overcome chronic illnesses.

Dr. Chris Palmer

Dr. Chris Palmer is a licensed chiropractor, lecturer, and author. He practices in Utah County and lectures on various health, wellness and spiritual topics including Understanding Physical Effects of Trapped Emotions, Managing Your Body’s Subtle Energies, What’s In Your Food – Food Additives & Other Related Issues, Chiropractic & Pregnancy, Understanding Faith, Spirits & Spiritual Interactions, and other topics.

D.D. Black


Holly Draper

Hi! I am Holly Draper, I am an Internationally Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (I got this certification twice, once in the French Medical Aromatherapy and then in the English method), I am also an Internationally Registered Aromatherapist (there are only two in the state of Utah), and on top of all that I graduate with my 4 year Masters Degree in Aromatherapy in April 2018 (around the same time as this conference). When I graduate I will have over 2000 accredited classroom hours of internationally accredited education. I have been studying correct and accredited aromatherapy for 14 years and I am one of the most passionate people you will meet about using only the highest quality essential oils and using them properly and safely because you get WAY better results. I founded the company Purify Skin Therapy ( to make the highest quality certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils that I use available to everyone, and the best aromatherapy education and training. In Summer 2018 I will be opening my internationally accredited aromatherapy school, the first of its kind here in Utah, helping others to become Internationally Certified and accredited.

Dr. Holly Keddington

Anatomy, Pathology, and Physiology of the Auditory System

Gross anatomy of the ear and pathways for transmission of sound energy through the peripheral and central auditory system. Causes, development, and effects of pathological conditions contributing to temporary or chronic hearing impairments.

Jamie Jensen

Jamie has been in the alternative medicine field for over 7 years and footzoning for nearly 5 and teaching for 2.
After being diagnosed with multiple chronic diseases and knowing her path was not conventional medicine, She found her inspired path to health and wellness and has been disease free since 2011. She’s been through many courses since, but her healing was prior to any formal holistic education and truly came through her inspiration from God. Now she shares all she has learned for the benefit of many others on their paths to wellness. She has also created a holistic wellness retreats and clinic.

Jennah Martin


Jennifer Feigleson

Lifestyle Education Director – Advanced Health Clinic, Farmington , Certified Lifestyle Educator through Metagenics, pursuing BA Health Sciences degree, Public Health Education

Jessica Sorensen

I discovered succulents in 2011 and have been gardening in San Antonio and educating fellow “succulenthusiasts” ever since. I teach annual succulent classes at the South Texas Gardening Expo since 2015. Additionally, I participant in my local SACXS (San Antonio Cactus and Xerophyte Society) and enjoy creating gardens, terrariums, and arrangements for friends, events, and clients. I also host a “Certainly Succulent” group on Pinterest and Facebook. I have a BA in English with a minor in psychology and love the interconnectedness of beauty, nature, art, health, and happy living.

Julie Cheney


Kara Willis

The inspiration to pursue a career in healing arts for Kara Willis was becoming a single mother to her 4 amazing children. She raised her children and provided for them with the powerful tools of a natural healer. Kara first became a Foot Zone Therapist in 2004, and is currently an instructor for the Academy of Foot Zone Therapy. Next she became a licensed massage therapist, and then added being a Reiki Master to her list of modalities.

Recently, Kara learned the ancient art of the Tibetan Singing Bowls from Master Bowl Steward Bill Cael of Singapore, and how to incorporate these amazing instruments in to her practice.

Kara empowers her clients to be their own health advocates, and she incorporates life coaching into all her healing sessions. She enjoys juicing, hiking, crystals, and the outdoors–preferably the tropical kind.

Kathy Duvall


Kisi Watkins

Kisi has worked as CranioSacral Therapist for the past 17 years and also as a Foot Zoner for about 6 years. She mentors both her CST and FZ clients during their appointments and does CST as applicable on their feet during their Zone.


Laree Westover


LaRee Westover began her study of various alternative modalities in 1975 and has been footzoning for a bit
more than 20 yeas (as near as she can figure it). First she became acquainted with herbal medicines, followed by
a serious study of homeopathy, reflexology, the footzone, essential oils, craniosacral therapy and several other
energy modalities. LaRee is the author of a multitude of class manuals and 4 books—the Butterfly Miracles
Series teaching about herbal medicines, essential oils, and homeopathy. She is the mother of 7 children
(5 of whom were born at home and schooled there as well) and grandmother to 34 adorable and amazing
grandchildren (with two more on the way). LaRee spent 20+ years as a practicing midwife and counselor in
women’s health. It was her great privilege to deliver a fair percentage of her grandchildren during her midwife
years! LaRee is the founder of Butterfly Express Essential Oils, llc, a non-multilevel company. LaRee eventually
retired from midwifery to nurse her husband through a serious injury and to devote her time to teaching the
modalities at which she has become proficient over the years, including a comprehensive footzone and anatomy
as it relates to the zone class. LaRee’s teaching organization, Butterfly Expressions, llc, is recognized by the State
of Utah to certify footzone practitioners under current Utah legislation and law.

Laura Vanderhoff

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Maleah Gordon

Maleah Gordon LOVES foot zoning and sharing her knowledge with others. She is a trained foot zone therapist as well as the owner and instructor of Happies School of Foot Zoning. She has attended several continuing education conferences and trainings, always increasing her knowledge in the holistic world. Much of her education and ability has come from real- life experience such as using the zone to heal infertility, repairing relationship with self, releasing and strengthening relationships with others, and healing past trauma. Maleah is eager to help others find balance and healing in their lives so they can truly experience what if feels like to THRIVE, not survive.

Marta DeBerard

Marta is a Certified Quantum Light Energy Coach and Education Consultant with LumiCeuticals. She has a passion for educating people about the power of combining light and vibrational frequency to nourish and tune the mind, body and spirit. She has successfully worked with foot zone therapists in multiple retreats and conferences for the past 5 years to help them successfully enhance their personal and professional wellness practice with the power of harmonic light. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Marta was a collegiate athlete and Academic All-American at the University of North Carolina where she received a BA in English. A mother of three, Marta is also a certified yoga instructor who has taught at the Sports Academy in Logan, Utah for over 17 years. As a certified nutrition counselor, she has worked for over 25 years coaching people in nutrition and supplementation. It has been the last 6 years, however, that have greatly expanded her journey beyond physical health to the energetic, and she marvels at the speed and ease with which the body’s natural ability to be healthy and vibrant is innately empowered by light. Marta is an engaging speaker who enjoys making the science of light and frequency easily to understand and utilize so that everyone can truly shine.

Nic Johnson

Nic Johnson has been the happy recipient of many a foot zone session from his wife Heather. Over the last four years he has spent a great deal of time and energy learning about the principles of addiction recovery and applying them both personally and in service settings such as group facilitation and sponsorship. He hopes to share with others the joy and serenity that have come to him through a lifestyle of self-honesty, accountability, introspection, meditation, and service.

He is the father of five lovely children and the husband of one fantastic woman. He considers himself grateful to be on the path of peace and tries to enjoy every single moment through which he passes.

Patricia Lee Howard

Holistic and evidence based counselor in mental health and addiction recovery. Employed with Wisconsins premier mental health facility. Enjoying a personal and professional journey to living well. Master in Community Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with a decade of experience helping others.

Ronda Tracy


Roxanna Mauer


Sharee Snyder

I am a licensed massage therapist of 8 years and massage instructor, as well as a foot zone practitioner and foot zone instructor for Wellness Life Foot Zone Academy. I have been trained in craniosacral therapy and have found that this can be done on the foot just as effectively as on the body. I have practiced this technique on individuals who are certified in foot zone therapy and craniosacral therapy and have found it to be as effective, if not more, based on their findings and feedback.

Sharik Peck

Sharik L. Peck is a licensed physical therapist and a certified rehabilitation counselor with expertise in treating chronic pain. Sharik has experienced significant physical trauma due to spinal fractures and a stroke (vertebral artery disection). These experiences and his education inspired the development of Rezzimax Therapy for natural pain relief.

Sharik is a happy father and husband. He and his wife Cheryl are busy raising 7 children, two dogs, and a cat.

Sharla Pearce

Sharla Pearce started her Foot Zone journey in 2005 when she received her Foot Zone Certification from Amber Jensen (an original student of Dr. Charles Ersdal). In 2014 Sharla and Amber created Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy based on a love of the profession and strong desire to create for their students and their fellow Foot Zone Practitioners what they wish they would have had when they were being trained.

Because of Sharla’s love of gemstones and their healing properties she knew that she wanted to incorporated gemstone healing in the courses that they offered at WLZ. After much thought, study and guidance Sharla was inspired to create the Gemi Zone Technique. The Gemi Zone Technique uses the science and healing energy of gemstones as a tool in foot zoning or massage therapy. WARNING: One may develop a healthy addiction to gemstones.

Stephanie Larrabee

I am a mother of 9. I graduated from We Do feet in 2016. I am currently finishing a certification as a Nutritional Autoimmune specialist and guided imagery. I spend a lot of my time trying to find ways to heal the whole body with multiple modalities.

Steve Barrington

Teacher at the Utah College of Massage Therapy for 7 years. Experienced in muscle integration. Has worked with chiropractors to correct posture for 7 years.

Susan Bell

I first learned about the Emotion Code and Body Code back in 2012. After becoming certified, I knew I was supposed to also learn foot zoning, and a way was prepared for me. I have not stopped learning since. Learning these modalities, as well as many others, I have been able to help many people and I have learned many things about myself that I was never able to articulate before. I love that I can be one of God’s tools to bring others to see and know who they really are.

Susan Tiede

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Weston Sorensen

Weston has been an integral part of the massage industry since 2010. He teaches the following subjects at Cortiva Instutute (formerly Utah College of Massage Therapy): Russsian Sport Massage, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Professional Development, Pathology, and Shiatsu.

Because of his experience with, and personal study of Chinese medicine, Weston has been called upon to refine curriculum and to instruct other professors throughout the US on how to best relay the information to their classes. While his influence is widespread, it is arguable that the biggest affect Weston has had is on the individual hearts and minds of his personal students.