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The Women of the Bible (sacred essential oils) and their Blessing on the Foot Zone, by Tisha Harrison

My purpose: To inspire you and your clients to find your voice. To inspire you to take risk, to take action and through your everyday choices to change the world today. Just as each of the women in the Bible, with blind faith in our creator, took action and changed the world for all mankind. You may wonder what women from ancient times have to do with the life you are living today, but there are many similarities. Their times were violent, dangerous and uncertain. Not unlike the lives so many women live today.

These specific sacred essential oil blends, have exponentially changed the way I Foot Zone, but moreover have changed the lives of my clients. I want to share with you the opportunity to experience this change for yourselves and your clients.

“Open the Bible at random and you will notice something…striking female characters abound. And it’s not simply a lot of women, it’s a lot of strong women. These women are not passive, demure, timid, and submissive, but active, bold, fearless, and assertive.” ~Gary Rendsburg

Bio:  Tisha Harrison is a Medicine Woman and has been a leader in Spiritual Holistic Health, Healing & Wellness, for nearly her whole life. She opened, “Vision Quest Healing Retreat” in 2006, with a mission to treat the body, mind and soul as one. Tisha uses her knowledge and training in Native American healing arts, ancient Chinese Energy Medicine, and Quantum Foot Zone to assist others in working through their physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks to experience the greatest longings in their lives and careers by releasing trauma and fear, to attain optimal health.

Tisha has supported, mentored and trained, hundreds of people through her work as a medicine woman, utilizing her gifts as a Quantum Foot Zoner and Energy Healing Facilitator. Tisha provides education through lectures and seminars, as well as spiritual music for a new era of consciousness. She enjoys helping others learn skills for their soul’s evolvement, healing, transformation, and fulfillment.

Regarding her gift of healing with touch, Patricia White Buffalo has said:
“Tisha is gifted with the ability to channel blazing light and power through her hands that touches the root of your soul and calls it forth”.