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Gemi Zone Technique, by Sharal Pearce

The Gemi Zone is a new technique that uses the scientific healing properties of gemstones that can be used on its own or used as a complimentary modality with the Foot Zone Technique or Massage Therapy. Come get hands on training on how to use the Gemi Tools and see how they actually magnify the signals in the feet.

Bio: Sharla started Foot Zoning in 2004 and has certification from two different Foot Zone Schools, including learning from Amber Jensen, who was a student of the late, Dr. Charles Ersdal, and We Do Feet. In 2014 Sharla opened up Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy with Amber Jensen where they have discovered over 80 additional foot zone signals. Sharla’s love of gemstones and their vibrational healing abilities inspired her to developed the Gemi Zone Technique, in which gemstone tools are used to stimulate the signals in the feet. She has also created gemstone reference charts that will help you and your clients tap into the problem areas that affect the four bodies of health. Sharla has a passion for foot zoning and loves sharing her experience and knowledge with others.