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Pat Cook


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Zoning and the Lymphatic System, by Pat Cook

Overview of the Lymphatic System
Issues of the Lymphatic System and their signs
Where the Zone treatment signals are and what I was taught to do
Other modalities and educational websites

Bio:  I have been into natural remedies for 30 years and have been interested in many modalities.  About a year and a half ago a friend suggested that Foot Zoning would be a great modality for me to learn.  I had never even heard of it!  I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up.  I live in Southern Utah but couldn’t find classes that were starting so I signed up for Katherine Atkinson’s class through We Do Feet in Northern Utah.  It was an incredible experience!

I am now a certified Foot Zone Practitioner. I have also had additional training from Kathy Duvall, another wonderful teacher who lives in my area.  Foot Zoning is an amazing and powerful modality and I love it!