Myrna Lisa Maw

Myrna Lisa Maw

Elevated Touch Massage

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Loosening the Connective Tissue of the Ankle, by Myrna Lisa Maw

Have you ever work on a foot that was extremely tight? Has limited Range of motion? Come learn how to loosen the connective tissue of the foot and ankle. All the while having fun. You will come away with the knowledge and the ability to totally relax the foot and ankle of your client. The client will say “Awwww, that feels amazing”.

Bio: Lisa Maw is a National Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Therapist (NCBTMB).
A professional member of The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) for 9 years. And a Foot Zone Practitioner for a year. Within that time frame she has worked with 10,713 Clients. Lisa has an innate ability to feel where the client is needs assistance in releasing what no longer serves them. Whether that is on any of the 4 bodies of health. She uses humor to release those trapped energies-whatever that looks like for the client. Lisa is all about empowering others to improving their lives through the gift of touch.