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Michele Hardman

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20 Secrets to a Great Night’s Sleep, by Michelle Hardman

Is getting a good night sleep a problem for you?  Do you wake up often in the night?  Do you have a hard time clearning your thoughts so you can fall asleep quickly?  Do you know others who have these sleep issues?  Learn 20 secrets to help you get a great nights sleep and how the foot zone balance creates a place and space to share with your family and friends and clients.

Bio:  Foot Zone Therapist for almost 5 years.  Graduated from We Do Feet Seminars.  Interested in and studied Holistic Health for over 20 years.  Chairman of the NSL Vibrant Living Academy.  Joy Coach and Currently training to be a Holistic Health Coach / Mentor.  Love to read!!!!  Study, TEACH, walk, swim, bike, hike and do Yoga!!! Play games, camp listen to music, journal and I will get my book written soon!!

Married to Rick for 35 years.  I have 4 children and 6 beautiful, wonderful grandchildren!!  Paraeducator in Resource for an Elementary school (which gives me the opportunity to use my skills and talents to help children learn to and love to read, write and enjoy Math!!)

I enjoy my opportunity to share and help others learn about ways to connect Body, Heart, Mind and Soul to have a well balanced, Vibrant Life!!

I know something about a lot of modalities, but am still learning daily.  (Essential Oils, Homeopathy, Energy Clearing, Brain Gym, Chakra Balancing, Personalogy, Intuition, and how to create a JOYFUL LIFE!!)