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Take Time and Truly LIsten, by Marne’ Fox

Take an opportunity to discover the connections that can be made with you and others.  With the energy around us and the power of the mind we can see, feel, heal and communicate Spirit to Spirit.  We will discover the energy first through the power of touch and take it one step further and discover the power of that energy in our minds.

This is an integrated topic I teach as a Foot Zone Instructor with We Do Feet.

Bio:  Marne Fox comes from a large family of 12 and in her upbringing began to learn that simplicity in life is a blessing.  She grew up along the Willamette river in the Portland Oregon area raising, breeding and training Arabian horses.  Marne graduated from Ricks college with an Associates degree in Office Education.  She has worked in the public and private schools for many years as an aid and teacher.  Marne loves music and has taught piano and vocal throughout her marriage.

She is married to Daniel Wayne Fox from Fort Wayne Indiana.  They have 4 children 3 boys and a daughter with 4 grandchildren and a grand dog.  Her experiences with energy became very real after the birth of their oldest son Tyler, in 1984.  Tyler was born at 26 weeks.  It was during this learning curve that she discovered the power of the spirit, touch and voice.  That the body talks and tells a story.  Our responsibility is to listen.  Today she is still learning to listen but grateful for the powerful lessons she has learned since his birth 32 years ago.  Marne graduated from We Do Feet Seminars in 2008, her certification helped identify her gifts and abilities she had felt all her life yet unable to explain or understand.  As her purpose began to unfold it was as if the heavens finally opened and started speaking her language.