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Supporting the Pancreas Through the Foot Zone, Emotion Work, and Nutrition, by Louise McCleve

Bring sweetness back into your life and the lives of those you serve through the foot zone by supporting the pancreas. The pancreas is an important organ that supports the body in it’s ability to digest and process food. It is located in the body’s power center (the Solar Plexus Chakra) and is associated with experiencing the “sweetness of life”. In our modern world that is full of nutritional, emotional, and physical stress triggers more and more people are suffering from diabetes. If you, a loved one, or a client suffers from diabetes, this discussion will provide you with some valuable tools and techniques to help facilitate the healing process.

Bio: I was trained in the Foot Zone technique in 2014 by the wonderful Katherine Atkinson who teaches through We Do Feet Seminars. Katherine’s training goes above and beyond the basic foot zone technique. I learned much about anatomy and physiology, nutrition, herbs, essential oils, energy work, charkra balancing, and emotional healing. I have a husband and three children and an insatiable hunger for learning things that support my purpose in life. I spend most of my time reading and working as a full time mother and part time foot zone therapist. As a foot zone therapist, my number one client is my loving and supportive husband. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 31 with no prior family history of the disease. This terrible blow to our family came at a time when business was taking up all of his time and energy and in many ways, life for him had lost it’s sweetness. We never believed the doctors when they told us that his pancreas was “dead” and that he would require insulin shots for the rest of his life. The foot zone technique has been instrumental in helping his pancreas start to heal. He requires much less insulin now than he used to, and it is our belief that he will continue to heal as we work to support his body with foot zone therapy, good nutrition, and energy work.