Katri Nordblom

Katri Nordblom

Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology Inc.

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What You See on the Feet! by Katri Nordblom

ZoneAnalysis:  How to see the present condition on your feet.  How to see and feel food residues, foreign living beings, foreign particles, emotional formations, and mental formations.

Bio: Borne 1946 in Sweden.  Moved to America 1989.  Residing in Livingston, MT.  Owner of Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology® Inc.  Trained c:a 2,500 FootZonology® Practitioners in America during the last 25 years.  I graduated as a Naturopath at the European College of Natural Medicine in Weizlar, Germany.

Also have diplomas as Health Consultant and Youth Consultant in Sweden, and 14 advanced classes in Dr. Ersdal’s method of ZoneTherapy after my graduation in Germany.  College degrees in Psychology and Sociology.

Married to Hans Nordblom, have two daughters, Rosita and Aurora, and three grandchildren.