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Kathy MacDowell

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Fibromyalgia, by Kathy MacDawell

A Simple Effective way to experience dramatic results when working with your fibro clients will be shared.

Bio:  As a young mother I spent years watching my mother-in-law search for alternative healing methods. I had also watched my own mother rely on many doctors and prescriptions for her health issues. As I watched my mother live with one ailment after another, while my mother-in-law lived a vibrant healthy life, I became more and more interested in natural healing methods.
When my 6 children were very young I came across a newly formed Aloe Vera company, and heard what amazing things it was doing for people. I joined the company and soon became a General Manager. I spent many years using the products, and introducing the awesome benefits of aloe vera to others. Of course this led me to many other wonderful things, like essential oils, natural foods and supplements, relieving pain with pressure points, and eventually Foot Zone Therapy. I always loved giving neck and foot rubs for headaches and other aches and pains, not realizing why these things helped. I also learned from my father, to garden and grow our own organic food.

Over the years I have had a lot of different interests. I enjoy working with my hands and creating things, I owned a boutique, and worked as a flight attendant. Later I owned and operated Premier Driving School for many years, where I learned that I really enjoy teaching.

When my parents were in their 80s, they both needed a lot of care so I took off several years to help take care of them.

After they passed I was searching for something new to begin. I wanted something that I loved doing where I could meet nice people, and help others. Out of the blue a friend of mine called and said she had something she knew was just for me, and of course it was Foot Zone Therapy. Her excitement about it was very contagious. I was fascinated and began researching Foot Zone Therapy. I called all the different schools, and loved best what I heard from Christine Christianson. The rest is history.
I’ve had such great success with fibromyalgia and neuropathy, as well as many other health issues, and it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Now the ultimate is teaching others and sharing it with people in Oklahoma, where hardly anyone has even heard of Foot Zone Therapy.

My husband, an engineer, was my greatest skeptic when I started zoning. I’ve always called him my ‘lab rat’ because he had many health issues. He is so impressed with the results on his own body that he’s going to jump in and learn Foot Zone Therapy.

I’m thankful every day for my friend who introduced me to Foot Zone Therapy! And I really believe in the Foot Zone Therapy slogan, “Every family needs a Zoner” (especially if you have 20 amazing grandkids, like I do!)