Using Tibetan Singing Bowls to Support  Your Zone, by Kara Willis

Enjoy this workshop that will take you into a sense of energy through Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls.  When used in conjunction with the Foot Zone Technique terrific results can be seen.  Come enjoy the sounds.

Bio:  The inspiration to pursue a career in healing arts for Kara Willis was becoming a single mother to her 4 amazing children. She raised her children and provided for them with the powerful tools of a natural healer. Kara first became a Foot Zone Therapist in 2004, and is currently an instructor for the Academy of Foot Zone Therapy. Next she became a licensed massage therapist, and then added being a Reiki Master to her list of modalities.

Recently, Kara learned the ancient art of the Tibetan Singing Bowls from Master Bowl Steward Bill Cael of Singapore, and how to incorporate these amazing instruments in to her practice.

Kara empowers her clients to be their own health advocates, and she incorporates life coaching into all her healing sessions. She enjoys juicing, hiking, crystals, and the outdoors–preferably the tropical kind.