GABE – The Process of Returning to Love and Wholeness, by JoAnna Ashley

Learn the GABE process as a beginning step to starting a zone and setting the atmosphere for deep healing throughout the course of the foot zone. It will help you understand how to put yourself and your client in a space of flow and wholeness so that as blocks, emotions and hurts arise you may much more quickly help your client heal and move through them. It also allows the Zoner to much more quickly move through physical ailments as you work through the Foot Zone creating more comfort for your client as well as giving you a tool to help your client feel the affects of the Foot Zone for many days afterwards.

Bio:  JoAnna Ashley’s journey is unique as she is. Though still rather young for her age, she has covered a lot of ground in her years. At 20, JoAnna was filing for disability due to the complications and effects of Fibromyalgia and severe Arthritis in her hands. Also in this same time frame, her husband and she were experiencing the devastation of infertility, and accompanying that was suicidal depression, anxiety, panic attacks and overwhelm. All seemed lost for JoAnna. Due to a wonderful twist in fate, JoAnna met someone who introduced her to the power Foot Zoning and Energy Healing. As a result of these powerful healing and transformative modalities, JoAnna has healed her life of these ailments and is now a happy, healthy, loving wife and mother to two beautiful children.

Using the knowledge of these healing experiences, and striving for more growth and wisdom JoAnna began her journey. She continued to educate herself in many different modalities including certifying as a Foot Zoner, completing Butterfly Express’ “Chrysallis” program, certifying as a Usui Reiki Master and learning Sue Noall’s “Energy Connection” class as well as many others. Her strong desire to share what she discovered with others has led her to creating her own approach to healing in her healing process she calls GABE: The process of returning to love and wholeness.

JoAnna strives to share Love with others and help them feel it for themselves. She is an inspiring and encouraging coach, healer and speaker that brings such a profound measure of love and understanding that many can’t help but be touched by it. After years of healing and transformation, JoAnna has come to a place where her mission in life is to bring others to healing and a remembrance of the Love flow from our Creator and the Universe