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Deepening Your Efficacy of the Foot Zone Through Jamie’s Visualization Technique, by Jamie Jensen

Deepen your abilities to aid the body in its ability to change by Jamie’s Visualization Technique.  Telling the body what to do is just the first step to change, showing it is the next!

Bio: Jamie Jensen is a certified Foot Zone Practitioner and Instructor.  She has trained in multiple healing modalities and teaches a range of different classes from beginner to advanced.  She began her path to alternative healing 6 years ago when she was diagnosed with a chronic disease and suffered severe side effects from medication.  She has a strong connection to God and knew there was another path she needed to take.  That path led her to natural medicine and the healing arts where she fund complete health and wholeness.  She now shares her talent and knowledge with all who are in need.  She is currently working toward connecting natural healing practices and doctors together for the benefit of all.