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Zoning Self Care, by Galene Carter

Have you ever experienced fatigue after doing several zones? Do your shoulders or hands ache? Are you finding that your shoulders are rounding forward? These are just a few of the things that can happen while zoning. How do you get relief from these symptoms? At Round Table we will be discussing correct alignment and movements that will help save your shoulders and wrists from discomfort to feel better after a long day of zoning. Come learn five valuable moves that can help you can stay in the profession you love for years to come!

Bio:  Certified in Restorative Yoga Relax and Renew with Judith Hansen Laster 2010, by understanding the stress that repetitive motion can have on the body this certification helps me to keep my body in alignment and reset and restore my physical body so that I can have full range of motion.
Certified In ZoneBalance and ZoneAnalysis from Nordblom Institute
Certified as a Zone Practitioner from Wellness Life Zone. Both of these classes have helped me understand the art of zoning and helped to open my view see that there is always ways to improve.