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Balance through Meditation, by Diane Pratt

There have been studies done that show that meditation actually develops the part of the brain that helps us look at things in a more balanced and relaxed manner. For some people it is as good as an anti-depressant or pain pill. There are some situations that there is not an easy answer to solve. This gives us the opportunity to work with our brain to settle the mental and emotional things that we are dealing with. I have taken a course in meditation based on the book, “Full catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I think this is something that is well worth encouraging our clients toward to find good balance in their life.

Bio: I learned the foot zoning 14 years ago from Katri Nordblom. I was a teacher for her for several years and then started working with Claudia Goodman and the sure footed renewal method. I have done and taught this method for the last 7 years. I became a licensed massage therapist 4 years ago and enjoy doing massages. I took the cranial sacral course from the Upledger Institute. I am an associate practitioner of Ortho bionomy and am 4 classes away from being a practitioner. I have taken classes on chakra therapy and energy work. I love learning more about the body and helping people feel better! I have a supportive husband, six children and their spouses, and 9 grandchildren, all of whom bring me great joy!!