Using Rhythm to Regulate the Nervous System, by Cydne Wright

Rhythms naturally occur all around and within us. When those natural patterns are disrupted, dysfunction can result. However, rhythm and resonance can be used to restore and regulate the natural rhythms of the nervous system, helping us turn off the sympathetic response and begin healing from stress, trauma, anxiety and other ailments. Various forms of rhythm have been successfully utilized in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, Asthma, Epilepsy, Autism, Depression and Bipolar disorder.

Vibration Therapy, deep breathing, healing music, Emotional Freedom Technique,and other various uses of rhythm will be discussed as techniques that can be easily incorporated into the practice of foot zoning for the purpose of increasing the well-being of our clients.

Bio:  Cydne Wright grew up reading, dancing, daydreaming, and making art. She still enjoys anything creative, including making her own personal care and cleaning products while feeling like a mad scientist. She began making her own natural products to improve both her own health and that of her children. Cydne received her first foot zone when seeking relief from fibromyalgia symptoms, and she fell in love with the experience, leading her to become a certified foot zone practitioner herself.

Cydne received a degree from the University of Utah in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. Cydne is currently a part-time ballet and fitness instructor, foot zone practitioner, recreational cyclist, full-time mother of two (with one on the way) and wife to her very own Mr. Wright. She still daydreams frequently and plans to someday write a novel and ride her bicycle the 180 miles from Salt Lake City to her hometown.