Liver Rejuvenation, Creating Better Health, by Christine Christensen

The Liver, as you know, is the center for your bodies cleaning machine.  Learn how to help it stay healthy.

Bio:  In 1997, Cade, Christine’s eldest son, was diagnosed with neonatal lupus. After following direction of traditional western medical doctors (including excessive testing) with little success, she and her mother Kathy Duvall sought the healing power of Foot Zone therapy, through which her son became symptom free. The efficacy of Foot Zone therapy during her son’s illness set Christine and her mother on the path of learning to practice Foot Zone, so that others might also have a chance of improved health.

Christine & Kathy created the Academy of Foot Zone Therapy. They have developed a full curriculum and four text books, which laid the foundation for building the academy. Christine has practiced and studied Foot Zone therapy for over ten years and has made it her passion and full-time profession.