Classes and Schedule

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to tell you about the learning opportunities that will be offered at The Foot Zone and Enrichment Conference 2018. We are able to make available 25-30 classes!

Our class schedule has 45-minute and 75-minute slots. Each time slot, attendees will have the choice to attend any of the six classes offered at that time. Classes will be held Friday and Saturday of the conference.

Although any attendee is welcome to go to any of the classes offered, we have a few target audiences that the material in the specific class types will cater to: Beginner/Intermediate-Level Foot Zoners, Advanced Foot Zoners, and Potential Foot Zoners (those who are interested, but have not taken foot zoning classes).

We encourage Foot Zoners and Potential Foot Zoners alike to come and learn! There will be something for everyone: For Potential Foot Zoners, we will have classes like What is Foot Zoning? Intermediate Zoners might choose to take a class that helps them understand a certain body system more fully, and how to influence that system with their foot zoning. Advanced Foot Zoners will enjoy in-depth zoning classes that will build upon their knowledge while learning new points on the feet, and new techniques. The choices are yours!

Enrichment classes are provided for everyone interested! They don’t necessarily teach about the zone itself, but will focus on other areas of health and well-being. Topics may include Chakra Balancing, Learning your Chinese Archetype, Ayurvedic Medicine, Lymph Massage, Business Building, etc. The knowledge, experience, and tools that you gain from these classes will end up blessing you and those you zone.

New! Fitness classes are also scheduled in as an option. Take a break to do something for yourself! Classes like Yoga, Seated Yoga, Guided Meditation, Zumba, etc.

And – Yes! By popular demand we will also hold Round Table Presentations. Everyone gathers together, then small groups rotate to learn something new from a new presenter every 15 minutes. This will be held Saturday morning.

If you know of an extraordinary presenter with something to share that would benefit our conference, please reach out to them and invite them to apply to be on our schedule!

As the date gets closer and the class schedule solidifies, we will keep you posted on who will be presenting as well as their topics.

Looking Forward to Learning,
Co-Chairs Julie Cheney, Nic Johnson, Heather Johnson