The Koru depicts New Beginnings, Growth, and Harmony, taken from the symbolism of the unfurling silver fern leaf. The shoot of the fern has a curled-over tip, which unfurls to eventually become a fern leaf. The spiraling Koru, represents the fern as it opens, bringing new life and purity into the world. As it reaches up towards the light, the new fern shoot strives for Perfection to encourage New Positive Beginnings or a New Start. It also represents Peace, Tranquility, and Spirituality along with a strong sense of Personal Growth or a New Phase in Life. The spiral circular shape conveys the geometry of life being a Sacred Creation and the idea of Perpetual Movement.

The circular movements toward an inner coil suggests a Return to the Point of Origin or ‘going back to the beginning’. The Koru therefore symbolizes the way in which life both changes and stays the same.


Overall, the Koru represents the Unfolding of New Life, New Beginnings, Nurturing, Growth, Strength, Awakening, the Spirit of Rejuvenation, Peace & Movement that is shared with an-other person (Eternal Friendship). Everything is reborn and continues, a renewal and hope for the future.