Katherine Atkinson: Jin Shin Jyutsu

DD Black: The Heart of the Practitioner

Roshelle Bromley: Blood Flow Thru the Knee Cap and Arm

Kathy Burrow: New Millennial Flower

Julie Cheney: Experiencing the Vagus Nerve

Christine Christensen: Balancing the Charkas

Kathy Duvall: Tools to Use in a Foot Zone

Mariah Gage: Multiple Sclerosis and Foot Zoning

Emmanette Haiola: Generational Healing Ho’o pono pono

Jeanne Harold: Pelvic and hip treatment

Shannon Hoffman: Bone Broth

Erica Marcum: A New Path to Healing: Knowing the Shoulder and Arm Treatment

Janene Marcum: Teeth, Cavitations, and Amalgam

Ronda Myer: The Adrenal Release

Larry Orr: Natural Cures for SIBO: Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

Sharla Pearce: Vibrational Healing with The Gem Zone

Francine Sorensen: Clinical Studies with Foot Zoning

Wayne Sorensen: Neuropathy; How to get Results

Susan Tiede: The Final Connection

LaRee Westover: Heart Valve Treatment