Thank you to our November 2014 Speakers.

Katherine Atkinson

katherineKatherine is the wife of an amazing husband and the mother and step-mother of six incredible young adults. She is the owner of Mind Body and Sole and has been an Instructor for We Do Feet Seminars since early 2012. In addition to being a Certified Foot Zone Professional and Certified Foot Zone Instructor, she is a Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner and Self-Help Instructor. She is trained in The Body Code®, Radionics, The Energy Connection, and various other energy modalities as well as herbs, essential oils, holistic health, and nutrition. She is the Davis County Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation and a Utah Foot Zone Association committee member. Katherine finds joy in using her training to help students and clients on their journey to Regain Health, Remember Happiness, and Recognize Their Gifts, ‘…for there are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God. To some is given one, and to some is given another, that all may be profited thereby.’ D&C 46:11-12

Connecting Heaven & Earth During the Foot Zone

As a Foot Zone Practitioner we are in the unique position of cradling our client’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies in our hands. In this class we’ll discuss the concept of energy correction and emotional release during the zone. We’ll talk about protection for our clients and ourselves. We’ll discuss energy corrections before, during, and after the zone. I’ll share some tips on how to prepare for an energy session and demonstrate techniques you can use to help connect heaven and earth during the foot zone session so your client can find greater joy in fulfilling both their mortal and eternal missions.


Susan Bell

susan_bellSusan Bell graduated from BYU-Hawaii in Exercise Science. She has been certified personal trainer for 3 years, with experience in prenatal and post-partum exercise. She certified as an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner in 2012, which was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. She started Stephanie Marcum’s foot zoning class in December of 2013 and became certified in May. She has integrated knowledge from the Emotion Code and Body Code into foot zoning. She is trained in Muscle testing, essential oils, emotional release, getting rid of morning sickness, balancing chakras and meridians, nutritional imbalance, and has learned from her mentors how to find and release spiritual imbalances that may be blocks in healing. She never stops learning and loves to incorporate new knowledge that can help others to find healing.

The Power of Intention

Do you want to make your foot zoning sessions even more effective? Come learn how to better recognize areas that you can improve upon and learn what positive impact this can have on your work. We will explore facets of the emotional, the physical, and spiritual imbalances that may be the underlying causes or contributors of our health concerns. You’ll never know if you don’t ask! Your tools of healing will expand with this class as you learn easy ways to effectively incorporate these facets further into your work!


Kristen Bowen

kristen-e1439449647558Kristen Bowen is the owner of Living the Good Life Naturally, a health and wellness consulting business and store in Logan Utah. She hosts a radio show every Saturday on KVNU 610 AM called Living the Good Life Naturally. Her radio show and business are dedicated to helping others create lasting change in their lives. I was able to create a six figure business in a crowded marketplace and I love to share my marketing system with others. My power packed presentations are designed to help others create a whole new way of life for themselves and those around them. For years I created a thriving business but it was at the cost of spending precious time with my family. Something had to change. I created a system to connect deeply with both my family and clients. I work less and make more and enjoy the freedom to spend time with my family and work with those clients that are motivated to create change.

Serve and Create Wealth

You will discover:

  • how to heal your relationship with money so that you become a money magnet
  • 3 magic questions to find those people you are meant to serve
  • common mistakes Zoner’s make that keep them from building a profitable business


Syl Carson

sylBodhi Yoga’s founding, director, Syl Carson has over 10,000 hours of teaching and study in seven separate yoga modalities, including in-depth chakra therapy. During her 20 years of study and practice, Syl has released five yoga, chant, and meditation audio CDs, nine yoga DVDs, and two workbooks, as well as written and illustrated four certification manuals, including the 300-page advanced chakra therapy for healers manual and the companion Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™.

She has also been a regular guest on the KJZZ TV morning program called “The Home Team” with host Maria Carr. In the fall of 2012 she launched, offering Bodhi Yoga’s online yoga classes, workshops and certifications, including 7 Chakras Mind & Body™ in-depth training for healers, worldwide.

7 Chakras Mind & Body™

The philosophy of the Chakras comes from the traditions of yoga. Yoga is a word that literally means “to yoke”. When we “yoke” something together we actually accomplish more with less effort and better results.

Did you know your chakras are as individual to YOU as your own fingerprint? The primary aim of this class, is to move you into a more comprehensive understanding of how the chakras work as ONE enlightened light-stream, within you and your clients. Syl helps you make use of this chakra wisdom, with an in-depth, yet simply organic step-by-step approach to ChakraTherapy.


Julie Cheney

cheneyI originally learned foot zoning from The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy. I have been zoning for only 5 years and in that time I have been able to have the unique experience of working with over 600 clients and have given over 5000 zones. I have been working in the health field since 1994 and I love anatomy and physiology. I have owned my own foot zone office with 6 other Foot Zoners working with me in that office. I have also worked as a Foot Zoner out of 2 Chiropractic offices. I believe every Zoner has a unique gift to offer, and I have much to learn from all of you.

3 Keys to Becoming a Great Foot Zoner

Understanding Anatomy and Physiology, Believing in Foot Zoning and YOUR abilities, and Meditation. I will be teaching on why these three things are so key and how you apply each one to your ability to Foot Zone and bless your clients lives. Also some great ideas on how to increase your knowledge, and talents in each of these 3 areas. I will do my best to provide a rewarding, informative, and applicable class.


Angie Christensen

angieAngie is a passionate truth-seeker. She loves constantly learning and frequently asks, “Is there a better way?” Her own health challenges and the needs of her two amazing adopted boys launched her search for avenues of true healing. She has studied nutrition for 15 years, sorting through all the chaos to identify the unchanging patterns of lasting health. She shares the keys she has discovered through her course at She has also been trained in neurofeedback and energy healing. Angie rejoices in witnessing the remarkable transformation happening now in the world as God is pouring down truth, light and tools from heaven to help us bring ourselves, families, and the world to a higher level. Angie loves to think, and she thrives on (very limited) quiet time where she can read, ponder, and do energy work. During the rest of the time while juggling the needs of home and family, she loves music, old movies, cooking shows, visiting the beach and wearing warm fuzzy socks.

Eating in Harmony

Have you ever wondered how to choose foods that support your body energetically, as well as physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Nutrition and energy are inseparable as we seek true healing. However, the world of nutrition is so full of contradictions that we are often left feeling overwhelmed, confused and sometimes even paralyzed as we try to figure out what to eat. But it was never intended to be that way. Truth is never complicated. After 15 years of studying nutrition and testing the application of what I learned, I have found that there are lasting principles about food that have remained true for millennia and will continue to remain true. They are so far-reaching and powerful that they answer every question we encounter about food. These patterns were built them into the food system itself. They act as our foundation, allowing us to adapt the specifics to meet our own unique needs. In this class you will learn how to use these principles to discover exactly what YOUR body is designed to eat.

Marta DeBerard

martadeberardMarta is a Certified Quantum Light Energy Coach and Regional Coordinator with Elan Energetics. She has a passion for educating people about the all-encompassing energy of light to empower wellness on every level including physical, emotional, spiritual, and vibrational. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Marta was a collegiate athlete and Academic All-American at the University of North Carolina where she received a BA in English. A mother of three, and an avid skier, Marta has, for the past 14 years, been a certified yoga instructor, currently teaching at the Sports Academy in Logan, Utah. As a certified nutrition counselor, she has also worked for over 20 years coaching people in nutrition and supplementation. It has been the last 3 years, however, that have greatly expanded her journey beyond physical health to the energetic, and she marvels at the speed and ease with which the body’s natural ability to be healthy and vibrant is innately empowered by light. She loves the foot zoning philosophy and enjoys helping practitioners light up their practice and to shine brightly in their personal health journey.

The Power of Light to Balance, Nourish and Heal

Understand why light is so important to our health and learn about the science behind this modality which is quickly becoming the future of energetic medicine. Learn how wavelength, color and frequency innately affect & nourish us and how light works on 8 dimensions of health including vibrational, sacred geometry, spiritual, emotional, and physical, to support a strong, vibrant, healthy, energetic body, mind and spirit. See some simple and highly effective ways to light up your zone.

Kathy Duvall and Christine Christensen

bios-011Mother, daughter duo and co-founders of Academy of Foot Zone Therapy. Kathy and Christine have been working together in Foot Zone Therapy for 18 years. They have written and published a four book series for educating new Foot Zone Therapists and have trained instructors who teach from their curriculum.

Kathy lives in Southern Utah with her husband Mike and their horses and pets. They enjoy the outdoors and love every opportunity to explore together. They have two daughters and 6 grandchildren. Kathy has dedicated a large portion of her life to studying and teaching alternative healing and in particular Foot Zone Therapy.

Christine is a single mother of two, living in Seattle, WA area. Raising two teenagers keeps her busy but she still finds time to hike, sing and learn. Christine is passionate about her practice of Foot Zone Therapy and assisting her clients in finding health.

Christine graduated with Honors from Utah State University, where she studied Philosophy, and worked post bachelorette as a Student Advisor and Interim Director of Multicultural Student Services for eight years. After graduating, Christine founded Lighthouse Presentations, a program for empowering and instilling self-esteem and awareness in youth. Through her work with Student Services and Lighthouse Presentations, she learned firsthand the power of positive thought and its influence on the outcome of the healing process; this in turn guided her towards the healing arts.

Opti-Brain: Understanding and Optimizing the Brain

Our brain is considered our most essential organ, by many people. It impacts every function of our body, every thought, breath, hormone release and feeling. Kathy and Christine will discuss the brain, how it works and how to strengthen and optimize it. They will show you how to use Foot Zone Therapy, diet, exercise and mental creativity to get the most out of this powerful organ.


Steven Horne

Steven-2010Steven Horne is professional member and past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and a professional member of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA). He is the author of numerous books on herbs and natural healing, including his book on emotional healing, The Heart’s Key to Health, Happiness and Success. His latest work, Modern Herbal Medicine, co-authored with Thomas Easley, is a guide to using herbs and nutritional supplements at the health food store.

Emotional Anatomy

Our body, mind and spirit are completely interconnected, so that all physical problems have an emotional, mental and/or spiritual counterpart. In this presentation, Steven will share his system of emotional anatomy, explaining the emotional significance of various parts of the body and how physical and emotional problems are energetically interrelated. He developed this model based on the Hebrew Tree of Life and it has proven to be extremely accurate in his 28 years of clinical experience in using it. You’ll gain amazing insights into your emotions and your health as you understand and apply this model.

Amber Jensen

amberAmber is a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner by Dr. Charles Ersdal, father of Foot Zone Therapy. She has taught Foot Zone seminars since 1996, and is co-founder of Wellness Life Zone / Foot Zone Academy. Amber is also a Certified LifeLine Practitioner by Doctor Darren Weissman of Chicago, who trained her in Kinesiology, and harmonizing subconscious emotional patterns of reaction that may inhibit optimal health, success and joy. She is trained in Cranial Sacral, Allergy Release, and Neuro Emotional Technique from Nancy Wilson of Oregon. Amber also has in-depth studies of anatomy and physiology, and specializes in 7 other therapies.

It’s In Your Head

There is a lot going on in that space between your ears.Your mind is as unique as your own fingerprint, has a powerful pharmacy, and emotional immune system. See how conscious and subconscious emotions, and laws cause the brain to create good or bad chemicals. Find out what happens when these chemicals instantly go to every cell in your body, having a direct impact on your health. This is a fun interactive class, making understanding the brain easy. Amber teaches simple techniques to master the mind, and help the brain create the best chemicals for a healthier, happier, you.

BettyAnn Loveland

bettyBetty Ann Loveland was born and raised in Utah. She had her life planned out and expected it to go as planned. That didn’t happen and her life became a journey of survival. Through these experiences she learned amazing things about herself, life, and the power of energy that started her healing and becoming process. She has studied with various teachers over the last ten years and now uses the things she has learned, and is still learning, to help others in their own transformation as they reach toward their full potential and step into a Life of Being.

What does energy have to do with it?

What part does energy play in our everyday healing and in the process of learning to love life? How important is energy in our growth? How can we reach our full potential? How does our energy affect those around us? What does energy have to do with helping others? We can only help others as far as we have helped ourselves. Is your energy at the highest level so you can help others in their journey of healing? Learn simple steps to facilitate healing in yourself and those around you as you embrace the power of energy.

Chris and Julia Marum

chris_juliaWith nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience between them, husband and wife duo Chris & Julia Marcum have built and managed several professional and personal websites. The most successful,, draws around 250,000 pageviews each month and captures their real experiences while updating their home. Chris also works as the Director of Online Marketing for a research firm and the couple recently launched a new website for their hometown,, which highlights different aspects of the dining scene in Rexburg, Idaho. They’re also the parents of two beautiful daughters, who keep them busier than any web project could.

People Can Only Care About What They Know About – Online Marketing Strategies For Letting People Know You Exist

In our web-centric world, the lifeblood of a small business is its online presence. In this 50 minute session, Chris and Julia will discuss several affordable yet effective web marketing efforts that can help you build your online reputation. Basics of website hosting and SEO (search engine optimization) will be discussed, as well as social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.). Attendees will leave with a list of resources to help them set up and maintain a strong presence online, as well as actionable items to help gain recognition and awareness.

It’s Not Just About Facebook – How Real Social Marketing Works

As the worlds largest social network, Facebook often becomes synonymous with the term, “social marketing.” In reality, there are dozens of online social outlets, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Social marketing isn’t as much about joining a social network as it is joining the online conversation happening around you. In this 50 minute session, Chris & Julia will discuss the concept of social media and what it really means. Several specific guidelines will be given to help you join the online conversation around zoning, as well as best practices for attracting new clients through your social marketing efforts.


Terrell Mullins

mullinsCertified Whole Foods Nutritionist Terrell Mullins learned how diseases can be turned on and off like a light switch, after fifteen years of research, and from his professors (scientists and doctors) at Cornell University. He then went on to become a Certified Whole Foods Chef so that he could make regenerating foods taste delicious! After privately coaching countless people, and watching their health return, he put together an inexpensive program. It gives you the same training that a years worth of health coaching gives you but costs thousands of dollars less. ONE of the many tools that the program includes teaches you how to prepare DELICIOUS and EASY food that can heal and regenerate your body.

Let DELICIOUS Food Be Your Medicine

In his presentation to us, Terrell will be using amazing visuals to demonstrating how the body works, what causes it to malfunction, and how we can get it functioning again – with evidence down to the structure of the atom. He firmly believes that our bodies were created to heal themselves when we give them the elements and environment that they need, and he is very excited to tell you what those are. For more information, please visit and then attend the presentation. Nutritionist and chef Terrell Mullins will be donating his book called, “GOOD NEWS! You Don’t Have To Be Sick!” to the conference giveaway, and he will also be offering a significant discount on his program. With Christmas just around the corner, this would be a good time to get the program for a great price, so that you can give a life-saving gift that includes delicious, easy, and full color recipes that can help loved ones to regain and maintain their health.

Susan Noall

sue_noallAlmost 15 years ago I was first introduced to Foot Zoning. A few years into this new journey of Foot Zoning, I was told through the Spirit to move the energy by pulling out the pain of one of my clients. I was amazed with how simple and effective that was. This was my beginning point for the Energy Connection. I have study many different modalities and spend countless hours pondering upon the teachings of the Spirit. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has shown me simple truths. The Energy Connection is a class I created to teach others the pure and simple truths that I have been taught. Energy work is something that anyone can learn. It is such a blessing in my life to watch people who have been struggling for years overcome trials, fears, pain, and so much more.

The Energy Connection: finding peace of mind on thought at a time

In The Energy Connection you will learn to not only recognize the thoughts and patterns that are causing the conflict and commotion within you, but to also take control of them, one thought at a time. These negative feelings and thoughts can be manifested through anger, fear, frustration, depression, anxiety, pain etc. As we change our perspectives, we are then able to see things more clearly. This allows us to ACT instead of react, to repair instead of demolish, and to begin the path of healing. The Energy Connection is based off of simple truths. As you learn to move and feel the energy in yourself as well as others. Healing can occur very quickly. However, there is work to be done to remain in balance. The work comes from within you. You alone must control the chaos! You cannot allow negative, self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and actions to take over and control your life. The good news is the commotion will stop as balance and peace of mind occur one thought at a time. As you combine energy work into the zone you will be able to bring balance on all levels.

Katri Nordblom

KatriKatri Nordblom was born in Sweden 1946. Married to Hans Nordblom for the last 32 years. Educated teacher, youth consultant and health consultant in Sweden. Naturopatic doctor at the European College of Natural Medicine in Germany. Moved to America 1989 and started Nordblom International Institute of Rejuvenation, Inc. and Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology® Inc. Have given countless number of seminars in FootZonology®, FaceZonology, BackZonology, HandZonology, AromaRejuvenation, BodyAwareness, Childrens Health, Womens Health, Mens Health, ImmuneDefense, Rejuvenation Seminars and Vegan Cooking Classes. Have graduated ca. 1,600 FootZonology® Practitioners.

The Inner Perfection

Understanding the Signals on the Feet; God’s Geometry Within

  1. The four lower bodies
  2. The horizontal energy system
  3. The vertical energy system
  4. The healing system in the heart
  5. The symmetrical time within oneness
  6. The eight flow; the five secret rays
  7. Alpha and Omega, the balance between left and right.


Marlynae Thueson

marlynaeMarlynae Thueson is a Foot Zone Practitioner who also specializes in dietary counseling with the GSL program. After applying the cleansing program in her life, she was able to release over 20 pounds of unwanted fats and toxins, increased her energy, improved circulation, beautified her skin, and gained mental clarity. She shares her gifts with others, helping them gain the same benefits. Marlynea understands the importance of clean eating, and daily exercise to help optimize mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, as all are connected and influence each other. With her passion for simple food and simple recipes, she teaches a natural sequence of how to cleanse the organs and systems of the body for optimal healing. She holds weekly classes, and is a guest speaker for Foot Zone Certification schools. Marlynae and Bryan are the parents of 5 children and reside in South Jordan, Utah.

Dynamic Educational Tools for Extraordinary Health (DETOX)

The 26 day detoxificaton program developed by Robyn Openshaw, “Green Smoothie Girl”, and soon to be taught through GSGLife Instructors, systematically cleanses all major organ enhancing the body’s natural immune function. Through Robyn’s extensive study of many detox programs: for the liver, for the kidneys, for the colon, food elimination, gallbladder flush, parasite detox, and more— she concluded that although the body’s organs have unique functions, they are inextricably linked and are part of a larger system. With her passion for health and nutrition and her ingenuity, she developed this program to clear stored toxicity from all of the organs of elimination in an all-inclusive, systematic way that acknowledges the interconnections of all these organs, which work in concert. Many have reaped the benefits of this program and developed habits to help them adapt to a 60-80% wholefoods and plant based nutritional life style.


Susan Tiede

Susan-TiedeSusan is a cheerful person who is dedicated to making a difference in the world. In 2001 she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suffered with varying degrees of depression. Seven years later she was introduced to foot zoning and is now symptom free most of the time. She is grateful to her husband and four children for continually supporting her in her efforts to move forward in every aspect of her life. Susan serves on the UFZA Committee and has experience in foot zoning, energy work, essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, and living a healthy life-style. She is the founder of Foot Zone Center and loves teaching! Her goals are to have a heart that is filled with love and gratitude every day of her life, the determination to face challenges with courage and faith, and live peaceful and content knowing that she is putting forth her best efforts and giving it her all.

Be of Good Cheer

Avoid the pitfalls of the “Moody Blues”; and learn the causes and signs of depression. Learn what you can focus on when zoning someone suffering with this challenging problem and some scientifically proven methods to “Be of good Cheer”; every day of your life. Discover the secrets of hydration, getting the proper nutrients, thought stopping, and living a healthy life style. Leave with ten tools to “Boost your Mood” and live a “Happy, Confident, and Productive” life.


Terje Varpe

varpeTerje is born in Tønsberg, the oldest town in Norway 24/11-1962. He lives in an island south of Tønsberg called Nøtterøy (Noetteroey) with his wife Cecilie. He has 5 children and 1 grandchild. He got injured in a handball match in 1975. That ended his handball carrier. Then he got treatment by Charles Ersdal and that started his interest of natural medicine and especially zone therapy. He started his education in zone therapy in 1977 with Charles Ersdal as teacher. This was Charles first class ever.

Since 1982 Zone therapy has been his only income. In 2001 he established together with Tonje and Robert Ersdal the company Ersdal & Varpe Ans. This company has as a vision to develop zone therapy to an even more effective treatment and to develop material which can be used in education. He has been educating in Norway since. At the same time he has given further education to old therapists in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

He has since 1987 to 2001 been member of board in different organizations who organizing different kind of therapists I Norway. He also has been member of a group which has been appointed by the Norwegian government. This group had as their assignment to prepare for a larger report which should assess the different aspects of legalization of natural medicine I Norway.

Introduction to New Discoveries Within Zone Therapy

Charles Ersdal had an amazing ability of developing the EZT system and Terje Varpe, Tonje, and Robert Ersdal have carried on the development. These developments are divided as follows:

  • The blood circulation system
  • The lymph circulation system
  • The area of the inner pelvis
  • The hormone system

Improving the methods of treating the whole body is always very important. We have improved the treatments involving the blood circulation system, especially the upper part of the aorta. By increasing the number of lymph signals, we have increased their effectiveness in treating lymphatic problems. We have developed 20 new signals for the inner part of the pelvis. In treating the hormone system, we have developed a new way of thinking how the hormone system functions. To help identify which hormones that are out of balance, we have divided thyroid treatments into more specific signals.


Kisi Watkins

kisiKisi Watkins graduated from the U of U and BYU with degrees in math, math education, and ​German ​linguistics. She went on an LDS mission to Upstate New York and taught high school and college math and German for 13 years. Several years after retiring from teaching to be a stay-at-home mom, and after becoming interested in the world of Christ-centered healing, Kisi went back to school to learn CranioSacral Therapy (CST). She now has more than 13 years of experience as a CranioSacral therapist, and for the past two years she’s been teaching a series of workshops on Christ-Centered Healing Tools and CST. In 2012, she became a Foot Zoner, and since then she has been discovering the wonderful synergy of knowing and using CST and Foot Zoning together.

CranioSacral Therapy, an Excellent Companion to Foot Zoning

Although doing actual full-body CranioSacral Therapy professionally requires a license to touch (like a massage license, etc.), it’s desirable to learn it for personal and family use, and then it’s easily modified for direct use on the feet. In this presentation, Kisi will explain what CranioSacral Therapy is, how it works, and how it can benefit Foot Zoners both personally and professionally.


LaRee Westover

lareeLaRee Westover, a home school mother of seven, has over 20 years experience as a midwife. She lives alternative and energy medicine in her personal life and teaches on subjects as varied as foot zone therapy, energy work, herbal remedies, essential oils, homeopathy, and anatomy with a favorite topic being women’s reproductive health. LaRee is the author of four books on various holistic topics and has created over 100 exclusive essential oil blends and many herbal formulas that are being used by hundreds of people to assist with their heal issues. First and foremost, LaRee loves to teach!

Reproductive Anatomy, the Zone, and Alternative Remedies

Will include reproductive anatomy and hormone balance for men and women from the perspective of the zone. The many ways lymphatic congestion impacts hormones will be discussed. Things that can go wrong in these areas, interpretation of what can be felt on the foot, and some coping strategies, on the foot and in alternative ways, will be presented. Topics as varied as fertility issues, pregnancy and the symptoms that arise when hormones are out of balance (with suggestions for possible solutions, as well as information on the prevention of miscarriage, and men’s health issues will be covered – all from the perspective of Zone Therapy.