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April 5–7, 2018

Kicks off Thursday Evening!

Utah Valley Convention Center

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The mission of the Foot Zone Conference is to promote unity within the Foot Zone Community and help Foot Zone Practitioners connect, learn, and grow within their chosen profession.

About our Annual Foot Zone Conference

The Annual Foot Zone Conference is the nation’s largest professional development conference for Foot Zone Practitioners, Footzonologists, European Reflexologists, BEZT Practitioners, and those who trace the beginnings of their practice to Dr. Charles Ersdal.  Hosted by the Utah Foot Zone Association, we bring together the rich perspectives of all Practitioners to build a community where we can learn from one another.

Designed to promote professionalism, education, and unity within the holistic field of Foot Zone Therapy, our goal for the Annual Conference is to offer conference attendees experienced and knowledgeable professionals within their field to present on in-depth topics relevant to the Foot Zone Practitioner.

The conference begins with a Kick-Off Reception the evening before classes are held where attendees can network and mingle in a more fun and festive environment than a typical professional conference would allow.

The educational portion of our conference begins with a Keynote speaker followed by on-your-own lunch then several break-out sessions with multiple classes running concurrently and a 15 minute break between classes.  Attendees come together the first night of the conference for dinner and to trade zones.

Break-out sessions continue the second day of the conference and following a brief on-your-own lunch on Saturday, attendees come together again for Round-Table demonstrations where Practitioners share tips, tricks, and techniques with one another.  The conference closes with our final Keynote presentation.

Throughout the conference there is a large open-to-the-public- vendor area, where only a very select, mid-size group of retailers will be advertising services and products useful for Practitioners.

Open to all Foot Zone Practitioners regardless of their Alma Mater.

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